Producers Handbook

General Principles

[See Section Nine of the Code]

As a commercial broadcaster, Channel 4 is funded primarily through advertising. However, other than as a general means of generating revenue with which to fund our programme-making and broadcasting activities, advertisers and commercial organisations should not in any way encroach upon our editorial independence and integrity. The following rules apply.

Programme content and advertising must be kept entirely separate - for further rules relating to the separation of advertising and programming, see the 'Code on the Scheduling of Television Advertising'.

Products and services must not be promoted within programmes – some programme-related material is excluded. See "Undue Prominence" and "Product Placement". 

Broadcasters must retain complete editorial control over their programme content. In order to achieve this:


  • programmes must always be and appear to be editorially independent;
  • any improper external influence on the editorial process must always be resisted e.g. by a commercial organisation, a contributor or anyone or any organisation who seeks to exercise some degree of control over programme content;
  • the external activities of personnel working for us e.g. producers, presenters, must never improperly influence the editorial integrity of our programmes;
  • on-air credits should always be justified.
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