The aim of the Channel 4 Producers Handbook

The Handbook contains:

  • Channel 4's internal compliance procedures;
  • Ofcom Broadcasting Code rules with explanation and commentary;
  • A summary of the main areas of media law; and
  • Channel 4's own guidelines.
  • News – relevant news and latest Ofcom adjudications and cases

Effective compliance means being able to broadcast the most creatively challenging programmes and where necessary to defend them successfully before the courts, to Ofcom after broadcast, and in the press. It is essential that programme-makers work closely with their editorial colleagues at Channel 4 and with the legal & compliance department.

Judgements on legal and compliance matters are sometimes difficult and subjective but the earlier potential issues are addressed, the more likely it is that the creative ambitions of programme-makers can be achieved.

Viewer trust is of paramount importance to Channel 4 and this issue must be given the highest priority. Audiences must be confident that our programmes are true, accurate and fair and are not misleading.

IT Crowd
References to "programme-makers" in this Handbook include not only television producers but also online content producers.