Producers Handbook

How to Use the Handbook

The C4 Guidelines & Compliance Procedures section sets the guidelines and procedures that all internal editorial staff and independent producers should read so they are aware of their crucial role in the compliance process.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code section sets out the key rules of the Code and provides explanation and analysis.

The Media Law section summarises the main areas of media law that affect the making and broadcasting of programmes and online content. It is hoped that this chapter will enable programme-makers and editorial staff to identify areas of the law that might affect content they are working on, to enable them to seek timely legal advice.

The E-module section lists the dates of upcoming training sessions and includes a link to our training modules.  If you are producing factual programmes for Channel 4 please take the time to watch our interactive training module.  It takes no more than 20 minutes and offers invaluable guidance to help you make the programmes you want to make.

The Handbook is intended as a helpful reference tool. It is not intended to replace consultation with Channel 4’s editorial staff and taking and acting upon appropriate advice from Channel 4's legal & compliance department.

Every effort has been made to ensure this online handbook is accurate at the time of publication and updates will be made available on a regular basis.

References to "programme-makers" in this Handbook include not only television producers but also online content producers.

References to 'lawyer' and/or ‘programme lawyer’ throughout this document refer to a lawyer/compliance manager from Channel 4's legal & compliance department.

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