Some but not all of Online's activities are regulated by external regulators, in a similar way to the way in which content broadcast on television is regulated by Ofcom. For example, "television-like services" e.g. VOD, and some other online and mobile content, is subject to statutory regulation.

The Ofcom Broadcasting Code does not apply to online content. However, Channel 4 requires all online content to adhere to the same standards of good practice as our programmes. We therefore expect editorial staff and producers to apply the same principles set out in the Code to all our online content.

Ofcom now oversees the regulation of on-demand content. The rules and guidance which providers of on-demand programme services must comply with are set out within Ofcom’s Rules and Guidance

Online advertising which accompanies on demand services – indeed all online advertising - is regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority ('ASA') applying and enforcing the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code).

Mobile content which is not a VOD service regulated by Ofcom is self-regulated under the British Board of Film Classification (“BBFC”) which operates a classification framework on how content providers should classify their content.

The regulatory rules which apply to the above types of content are beyond the scope of this Protocol. However, staff working in those specific areas will be required to undertake appropriate training and to apply the relevant rules to content they are commissioning, producing and publishing.