Attention Channel 4 Programme Makers & Editorial Staff

This site aims to give helpful and practical guidance to all producers and editorial staff on the Ofcom Code, the main areas of law and best practice guidelines that apply to the making and broadcast of programmes on Channel 4.

Channel 4 is a public service commercial broadcaster that commissions all of its original programming and online content from independent production companies.

This Handbook aims to give helpful, practical guidance to independent programme-makers and online producers making content for Channel 4, and Channel 4's own editorial staff. It covers the main areas of law that apply to the making and broadcasting of programmes on Channel 4 and the publication of online content, the Ofcom Broadcasting Code's rules and guidance, and Channel 4's own guidelines. Producers must ensure that all relevant staff have read and are familiar with the provisions of this Handbook.

Sound practical knowledge of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, the law and Channel 4 guidelines equips programme-makers to identify and address problems and understand the need to seek advice. This in turn enables the most challenging programmes to be made and broadcast and to be successfully defended after transmission. We are committed to freedom of expression – our own, that of our programme-makers and that of our audiences to receive creative and bold material within the parameters of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and the law.