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Based on the best-selling novel by Candice-Carty Williams, Queenie is a razor-sharp, utterly honest, blisteringly funny and achingly yet beautifully relatable eight-part drama series, full of as much heart and soul as the lady herself. At it's core, it's a story about a young Black woman's value and the unrelenting trials and tribulations of her life. 

Enter Queenie Jenkins, a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman straddling two cultures and slotting neatly into neither.  A South London stalwart, journalist, loyal friend, not-so-loyal daughter and granddaughter, a sometimes catastrophist, an occasional mess, but more often than not an undervalued success – who is always, always enough.

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1 

The Prodigal Granddaughter Returns 

Queenie (Dionne Brown) is left shell-shocked when long-term boyfriend Tom (Jon Pointing) tells her they need a break. 

Episode 2  

Clean Break Queenie 

Queenie (Dionne Brown) puts on a brave face as she moves into her new house share, but when realisation dawns that Tom (Jon Pointing) isn’t coming back any time soon, Queenie takes steps to numb her loneliness. 

Episode 3  

From Virgin to Vixen 

Queenie (Dionne Brown) is in peak fun mode, using men to distract from her heartbreak, but as fun stops being so… fun, Queenie’s demons begin to catch up with her. 


Episode 4  

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Queenie (Dionne Brown) is forced to spend Christmas with her mum, which triggers feelings she’s been trying to suppress, and her escape to the office only leads her further down her path of self-sabotage.     


Episode 5  

New Year, Old Problems 

A long line of rejection and betrayal bring Queenie (Dionne Brown) to breaking point as the past catches up with her.    


Episode 6  

She’s Royal 

Queenie (Dionne Brown) goes to therapy, and we learn about the true extent of her childhood trauma. 


Episode 7  

Happy Earthstrong! 

It’s Queenie’s (Dionne Brown) birthday, and as she starts to recognise the progress she’s making, she wonders if some hurdles with her mum are just too big to overcome. 

Episode 8  

Love, Finally 

As Queenie (Dionne Brown) makes steps towards healing in a new flat of her own, she still has some difficult decisions to make about her future, and who she wants in it.