Gameface Series 2

GameFace Series 2 Press Pack

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Roisin Conaty’s award winning GameFace returns for a second series. Conaty stars as Marcella, an aspiring actress with a chaotic life and big dreams. We find Marcella on the brink of yet another driving test and with her acting career at a new, humiliating, low. As her friends and family move on with their lives and relationships, she can’t ignore the sinking feeling she’s being left behind… but with characteristic chutzpah she’s determined to turn her luck around. Confronting her drinking habits, chartering new territory with Jon, facing the biggest audition of her life, surviving a stalker and an angry bull, and chancing upon someone with the power to dramatically change her life… Series 2 takes us on a tumultuous ride as Marcella braves the ups and downs of love and success. With big laughs and a sprinkling of heartache, GameFace is a witty, tender and resonant comedy about navigating modern life when you’re under-prepared – but somehow always staying afloat.