Don't Hug Me I'm Scared press pack

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What is a Job? Who are a family? And what is that horrible noise? Join three friends Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck as they learn about everything there is to know with the help of some friendly talking objects!  But wait, maybe something's not quite right here. Every teacher they meet on their journey seems a bit out of their depth. What lessons are they actually learning? Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a deeply unsettling comedy puppet show, think the Muppet Show relocated to Twin Peaks. It started life as a YouTube phenomenon. Eleven years and a quarter of a billion views later, main characters Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck are now inside your television trying to get out.



Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck have an important day of ‘nothing at all’ booked in. Red and Yellow are both very excited but Duck is outraged. He demands to have something to do! And that something turns out to be something called a Job.


What do you think happens when we die? Do we come back as our favourite animal or object? In today’s lesson Duck learns that he is in fact Dead because he forgot to drink water. The other two seem a little confused by this, there are usually three of them. Who’s going to sit in Duck’s chair?


What does family mean to you and your family and their family? Well in today’s lesson we will find out. Red Guy Yellow Guy and Duck meet two adorable twins who point out that they should not be living with each other as they are not related like a family. The guys begin to question their relationship and get very upset. Luckily the twins invite them over to see a real family in action and have their blood tested!


What is real friendship? In today’s lesson the gang are excited to get online using their computer but, oh no! Yellow Guy has lost the password. Red Guy and Duck berate him but luckily a confident worm called Warren steps in to stop the bullying getting too out of hand. Warren decides to show the guys the true meaning of friendship by climbing inside Yellow Guy’s head.


Where do things go when they are not where they should be? It’s time for Red Guy, Yellow Guy and Duck to be taught about Transport by a very old leaking Train. Red Guy is excited by the idea of going on a journey and finally getting away from the house but unfortunately it’s not that simple, he will need a personalised number plate.


Did you know that everything that has wires is part of the electric family? The guys meet Electracey the Meter and look at all the objects and animals in their house to see which ones have wires! It turns out loads do! But what happens when you replace old batteries with new ones? Yellow Guy goes on a journey to find out.