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Derry Girls returns Tuesday 5th March at 9:15pm on Channel 4



The Girls are back. And while series one saw our gang navigating parents, parties, love interests and school against a back drop of The Troubles, series two sees them navigating … parents, parties, love interests and school against the backdrop of a precarious peace process.  Northern Ireland is growing up - the gang certainly aren't. And peace throws up its own challenges – like how to persuade your parents to let you go to a reconciliation concert in the den of iniquity that is Belfast (“you might as well sell the wains into white slavery!”) or how to hunt down Bill Clinton’s “Base Camp” when he visits Derry.  But it’s not just peace stressing our gang out – there’s protestant boys, an exciting new teacher, a wedding, a prom, an exotic new classmate and that's not even the half of it.  Life is just one problem after another…

All the old faces are back - like Kevin McAleer as Uncle Colm, as well as a raft of brilliant new ones including Ardal o'Hanlon.

Welcome to Derry.


Episode One: Friends Across the Barricade

Erin and the rest of the gang are excited to attend an outdoor pursuits weekend which aims to bring Protestant and Catholic school kids together as part of a peace initiative.   But peace is the last thing on Michelle’s mind once she finds out that there will be Protestant lads there!