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AUGUST 2020:


6x60 series

TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: Minnow Films

CONTACT: Gerard Corvin

This major new documentary series will take viewers inside one of the final Great British institutions: the Jobcentre.

With unprecedented access to Southern House – a bustling Jobcentre Plus in the heart of Leeds - this series will document the stories of both staff and customers: finding out what life is really like on the benefits frontline in 2019. With 35                

dedicated job coaches seeing up to 600 customers every 24 hours, anyone and everyone can come through the doors. 

The team at Southern House believe that most of life’s problems can be solved with a job and everyone deserves a shot at earning a living. They face more challenges than most public servants do - with dislike and distrust of the benefits system at an all-time high, their work is often inglorious. This programme will shed light on what it takes to get people into employment.


3x60 series

TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company:  Wall to Wall TV

CONTACT: Alex Dyche

Lockdown Diet (w/t) is a new three-part series for Channel 4 produced by Wall to Wall and presented by doctor, best-selling author, science broadcaster, creator of multiple dieting systems and regular newspaper columnist Dr Michael Mosley.  He will be sharing facts, tips, his diet expertise and ground-breaking lifestyle plan, to get us all healthier and feeling even better than we did before lockdown.



4x60 series

TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: Pulse Films

CONTACT: Debra Clavey

With exclusive access, this series explores the dizzying growth and frenzied expansion of Missguided -one of the UK’s largest online fashion retailers and reveals what life is like for their young, female dominated workforce. Nitin Passi, the company’s maverick owner, saw his Manchester based company go from zero turnover to over 200 million a year.   

But after eight years of enormous success, Missguided lost £26 million in 2017/2018. The series will follow the brand as they double down their efforts and attempt a glitzy comeback – spending more than ever before to bring the business back to glory in 2019. Opening marquee stores, sealing multi-million-pound collaboration deals with A-List celebrities and continuing to do battle with its fashion house rivals.


Peter The Human Guinea Pig



TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: Cardiff Productions

CONTACT: Georgie Hobbs

In 2017, scientist Peter Scott-Morgan learned that he had Motor Neurone Disease (MND). From the very start he saw this terminal diagnosis as an opportunity to put his fascination with robotics into practice and become the world’s first human cyborg. The film documents Peter’s amazing journey, which will have profound implications for many people who suffer from conditions like MND, as well as opening up the biggest question of all: what does it mean to be human?




TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: Renegade Pictures

CONTACT: Sophie Toumazis /

In 1983, Peter Bird became the first person to row the Pacific Ocean single-handed. Crossing 8000 treacherous miles in a 29-foot row-boat, with no support vessel, was an achievement comparable to Hillary and Tenzing’s ascent of Everest 30 years earlier.             

Peter Bird became an international legend and over the next 15 years, he continued to set new records, including the longest time a person had ever spent alone at sea. In 1991 Peter, and his partner Polly, had a son, Louis. Despite this, Peter continued to go away to sea for nearly a year at a time. On a 1996 crossing, he disappeared, his empty boat, with film camera still attached, was recovered, but Peter was never found. Louis was just 4 years old.

This film follows Louis’s attempt to piece together his father’s life. It is a dramatic tale of obsession and extreme isolation, and an intimate exploration of a mother and son coming to terms with feelings of loss and abandonment, while trying to deal with a legacy of trauma that ran through their family for generations.




TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: 72 Films

CONTACT: Samantha Fraser

BAFTA-nominated Crime and Punishment, returns to examine our Criminal Justice system.

Four years in the making and filmed over two, and with access to the MOJ, Police, the CPS, Defence lawyers, Probation, The Parole board, HMP Winchester, Victim Support and numerous other organisations and services in the system, for the first time ever, this series explores the width and breadth of Justice in our country.

This series focuses on the challenges and dilemmas, and how successive governments and a decade of cuts have impacted the system and the British public.

It starts by looking at the vastly underfunded police, struggling with increasing allegations of rape, where convictions are at an all-time low with harrowing consequences. It also investigates the increase in reports of domestic violence, young offenders and the human cost to the ASBO nation, the fallout from huge national cases such as Savile’s historic sex abuse scandals, the impact of a 30% cut to the Crown Prosecution Service's budget, and the consequences of the part privatisation of the probation service.

Each episode tells intimate stories of those caught up in the system, from various perspectives, and through an innovative use of archive, gives the narratives historical and political context.





TX: August 2020 TBC

Production Company: Voltage TV

CONTACT: Gerard Corvin

A fast-paced thriller that explores the biggest story in the world - the coronavirus outbreak - through the eyes of a handful of key scientists who are tasked with fixing the problem.

This timely documentary features extraordinary access to some of the individuals  driving the fightback against the virus - from the virologists at Oxford University who are the furthest ahead in the global hunt for a vaccine to the leading epidemiologists who are mapping out how and when it’s safe to ease the lockdown.  

Filmed before and during lockdown, Race Against the Virus is a nail-biting, real-time narrative underpinned by genuine scientific revelations - the coronavirus story as it’s never been told before.


The Talk

THE TALK (w/t)



Production Company: Whisper/Cardiff Productions

CONTACT: Samantha Fraser

The Talk (w/t) will reveal a part of British life that is little known about outside the black community.

‘The Talk’ in the black community is to prepare children for the reality of living in a society where their skin colour marks them out for a lifetime of challenges white people may not understand.

The first talk normally happens around age 4-7 and marks the day a child loses their innocence.

Parents have to explain that, because of the colour of their skin, some people think they are less worthy of respect. Children are taught what to expect and how to react; advice based on experiences suffered by family, friends and neighbours.

The film will feature a cast of leading black public figures sharing memories of the talk(s) they’ve given or received, contextualised by family archive or an event that triggered the talk such as a prominent death in police custody.



Grayson's Art Club


3x60 series

TX: September 2020 TBC

Production Company: Swan Films

CONTACT: Jenny Heaton

In this very personal three-part documentary, award-winning artist and social commentator Grayson Perry travels across the US, on a custom-built motorbike he designed especially for the journey, to explore some of the biggest cultural and political fault-lines in the country. As America gears up for a crucial presidential election, the nation seems to be growing ever more divided.                

So Grayson spends time with people from very different walks of life, from farmers in Wisconsin to African-American businesspeople in Atlanta, to understand how Americans today view issues of identity, race, money and class – and what might be done to overcome the divisions in their country (and in our own).



3x60 series

TX: September 2020 TBC

Production Company: Optomen

CONTACT: Samantha Fraser 

The role of the police is changing, new threats, greater demands on their time and dwindling resources all mean the job is more challenging and dangerous than ever before. With a larger geographic area to police than any other force in the country and over 700 miles of coastline the incidents that Devon & Cornwall officers attend are

as unexpected, violent and sometimes outright shocking as those of any large city. Call the Cops is based in the beating heart of operations, the control room. Officers here have to prioritise cases and allocate units in a fast-moving game of chess, a challenge they liken to juggling chainsaws whilst being on fire. The series also follows the units on the ground as they adapt to each unique incident - switching between the emotionally testing cases of a suicide or fatal road traffic collision, the adrenaline in a race-against-time manhunt or the delicate diplomacy of dealing with a truckload of illegally smuggled refugees. For anyone who imagines crime in the West Country is all sheep hustling and pasty thefts this series is a dramatic wake-up call.



5x60 series

TX: September 2020 TBC

Production Company: The Garden

CONTACT: Samantha Fraser

24 Hours in Police Custody will return in the autumn with a new set of films each featuring exclusive access to a high-octane police investigation into a major crime.

It is estimated that there are currently more than four and a half thousand active Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) operating in the UK so there will be a particular focus on the impact of organised crime and the drug crime which it thrives off. Viewers will be given an extraordinary insight into the unprecedentedly innovative & audacious lengths police now go to bring these top-level criminals to justice.






TX: July 2020

Production company: Two Rivers Media/Chateau Television

Contact: Nick Walker

Dick and Angel Strawbridge return to Channel 4 this summer with a new four-part DIY and homecraft series, helping the nation to solve make-do and mend dilemmas with clear ‘how to’ advice, plus their own inspirational tips and tricks.

Filmed by the Strawbridge family at their fairy-tale chateau, Dick and Angel will team up with families from across the UK who are looking for practical advice and inspiration for a home project of their own. Along with their children Arthur and Dorothy, they’ll also tackle their own ‘dream’ projects ending with a ‘big reveal’ and try out new pastimes to keep their family entertained.

The series will be packed with Dick and Angel’s ingenious and imaginative ideas - bringing creative know-how into the sitting rooms, sheds, attics, cupboards and gardens across the country - inspiring us all to fall back in love with everyday objects and tackle those projects we’ve always wanted to do.




TX: August 2020

Production company: Red Sky Productions

Contact:  Nick Walker

A third of Britain’s bee species have declined since 1980 – an alarming trend that threatens the collapse of entire ecosystems, and the viability of agriculture which relies on natural pollination.

In this new series commissioned for Channel 4, Jimmy Doherty attempts to show the declines are not inevitable. Focusing on areas around the city of Peterborough, he will attempt – over the course of one year – to measurably increase the number of bees and related insects. He will demonstrate how farmers, businesses and local government can all help to solve the problem. And he will also show viewers of the series how they too can play their part. 




TX: August 2020

Production company: Jamie Oliver Productions

Contact: Gemma Bareham

Filmed at Jamie Oliver’s home, this new series features recipes created by Jamie for his family, having challenged himself during lockdown to create brand-new dishes he hopes will become favourites for the whole family.

The much-loved chef will be creating simple, affordable and delicious meals with the ingredients lots of us already buy. Taking inspiration from the average weekly shopping basket, Jamie will make problem-solving meals for every need; from quick, tasty dinners to secret veg hidden in yummy dishes – all using ingredients most of us buy every week. He’ll also be rustling up useful staples to add to our regular repertoires, as well as easy but extra-special family favourites and crowd pleasers.

Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites is packed with affordable, useful, feel-good meals and tips, inspiring us with new ideas and showing us how food can bring us all together.




TX: September 2020

Production company: Studio Lambert

Contact: Lesley Land 

With its highest viewing figures to date and loved by critics and viewers alike, the multi-award winning Gogglebox has consistently been one of Channel 4’s biggest hits and continues to reflect different communities across Britain. Returning for a 16th series, Britain's sharpest armchair critics are set to once more share their insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of the week's biggest and best shows.


The Write Offs


2x 60

TX: September 2020

Production company: Shine TV (part of EndemolShine UK) for Channel 4

Contact: Lesley Land

Imagine not being able to read a text message, the destination of a train, or use the internet. Five million people in Britain wake up to that reality every day with one in five adults considered to be functionally illiterate.* (

An empowering and uplifting new two-part series hosted by Sandi Toksvig will explore Britain’s staggeringly low adult literacy rates and offer a group of adults – aged from 22 years to 66 years - a lifechanging opportunity to overcome the one thing that has always held them back. The eight adults, all of whom lack the basic skills necessary for many everyday situations, have different personal motivations for wanting to improve their literacy. Mentored by a team of experts, the group will face various extraordinary reading, writing and spelling challenges along the way in a quest to change their lives. Their efforts will culminate in an emotional final test held in front of an audience of family, friends and teachers as the contributors endeavour to shed the shame and lift the stigma around illiteracy.



TX: September 2020

Production company: Expectation & Can Can Productions

Contact: Gemma Bareham & Ryan Johnson-Leigh

Steph McGovern returns to Channel 4 Daytime with a bold, fresh and exciting daily show broadcast live from Leeds Dock.

Steph will present the show from a brand-new studio overlooking the Leeds waterfront. Each day she’ll be joined by a studio audience as she, and a host of new faces, bring positive vibes to the nation’s lunchtime. The show will feature celebrity guests as you’ve never seen them before, fantastic food and a mix of the best entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories making the headlines.




TX: Autumn 2020

Production company: Avalon Television

Contact: Kate Conway

Three-time BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated, and Broadcast Award-winning Taskmaster arrives on Channel 4. The hugely entertaining irreverent show hosted by Greg Davies as the all-powerful ‘Taskmaster’, alongside Alex Horne as his loyal assistant, sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper competitive comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges. 

Taskmaster was created by Alex Horne and started as a live show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before being developed for television, initially with Channel 4. It was later commissioned by UKTV for Dave where it aired nine very successful series. Now, Taskmaster returns to Channel 4 for its brand-new tenth series, with episodes repeated on E4.




TX: Autumn 2020

Production company: CPL

Contact: Gemma Bareham 

TV’s most talked-about social experiment, where strangers meet for the very first time at the altar to get married, returns to Channel 4 for a brand new, revamped four-part series.

The CPL-produced global smash hit is set to return with new couples yearning to meet their soulmate and ready to put their faith in a fresh team of matchmakers. This time, the singles will be paired by two of the world’s best matchmakers: Oprah’s ‘Love Doctor’ Paul C Brunson who is known as the ‘real-life Hitch’ as well as a dating agent on E4’s Celebs Go Dating, and leading UK matchmaker Genevieve Gresset. Between them they have paired thousands of couples. They’ll also be assisted in their love matching by psychologist, Dr Angela Smith.

This new series will follow the couples, from being matched, to getting married, going on honeymoon and beginning their lives as newlyweds just as lockdown hit, putting extra pressure on their fledgling romances. The refreshed format charts each couples’ efforts to make life as husband and wife work, before they make a crucial decision - whether to part ways or remain in wedded bliss.



4 x 60

TX: Autumn 2020

Production company: Spun Gold

Contact: Kate Conway

Loved by critics and viewers alike, Great Canal Journeys returns with two new intrepid explorers in the shape of good friends and former Celebrity Gogglebox co-stars Sheila Hancock and Gyles Brandreth. With Timothy West joining the pair in the first episode to show them the ropes, we’ll follow our new skippers as they embark on a journey of Britain through its most famous canal routes. 




TX: Q4 2020

Production company: Outline Productions

Contact: Mark Ogle /

Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country follows Sarah, her husband Graham Swift and their four sons as they quit their lives in London to start anew in what they hope will be a rural idyll. The family has bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset where, surrounded by 220 acres of farmland, they’re planning on building the house of their dreams; a modern, carbon neutral mini stately home. Sarah and Graham also have ambitious plans to landscape the grounds as well as rewild sections of the farm.


George Clarke’s 100 years of British Homes



TX: Q4 2020

Production company: Amazing Productions

Contact: Nick Walker

A fresh eye can transform even the ugliest house into a dream home. George Clarke returns to transform some of Britain's most unloved homes with the help of some of Britain’s most leading architects. If they get it right, they can prove that great architecture doesn’t have to cost the earth. This series will include a 1960s Hampshire home that is due an overhaul, and an interwar house in South London in need of a 21st century update. Plus, George will be revisiting home owners from previous episodes to see how they’re getting on in their remodelled homes.


Tom Allen Ad Man



TX: December 2020 TBC

Production company: Rumpus Media

Contact: Gemma Bareham

Comedian Tom Allen loves travelling around the UK – and as a Bromley boy it’s small town Britain he particularly loves. In this new special commissioned by Channel 4, Tom champions one of those unsung places: Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Spending a week in Wakey – a city, not a town - Tom stays with a local family while seeing the sights and meeting some of Wakefield’s extraordinary characters, before putting on an end of week show to celebrate everything and everyone he’s encountered. Along the way, he takes in one of the world’s biggest rhubarb crops, explores Wakefield’s beautiful cathedral, visits one of the only drive-in fish and chip shops in the world and buys a round of Wakefield’s famous steak pies.







TX: Autumn 2020

Production company: Fifty Fathoms

Contact: Alex Dyche/Sue Wilks

From award-winning writer Lucy Kirkwood, Adult Material delves inside the modern porn industry from the perspective of a woman who has been working in it her entire adult life. Adult Material  interrogates what’s real, what’s fake, what’s up for sale and the impact that these things have on the individuals involved. Jolene (Hayley Squires I, Daniel Blake, The Miniaturist) is a mum of three and leading British porn star for two decades. Maybe in porn years she’s getting on, but she's a hard worker and she loves what she does. After all, porn is one of the only industries in the world where women don’t just get paid equal to men…they get paid more. Jolene is introduced to 19 year old Amy (Siena KellyVanity Fair, Temple). An aspiring dancer recovering from an injury, Amy looks up to Jolene. But Jolene can’t protect Amy from her own choices, and soon her relationship with this unstable young woman will see Jolene’s own career and complicated home life start to unravel, as everything Jolene thought she knew about herself comes undone. Also stars Rupert Everett, Kerry Godliman, Joe Dempsie, Julian Ovenden and Phil Daniels.



E4 & Channel 4

TX: resumes Autumn

Production company: Lime Pictures

Contact: Lucy Connolly, Amy Sands, Sue Wilks for Channel 4

As Hollyoaks celebrates its 25th anniversary year, we follow longest-serving resident and original character, Tony Hutchison (Nick Pickard), as he his continuously manipulated by his evil father, Edward Hutchinson (Joe McGann).

The difficult topic of child exploitation is also explored in a County Lines drug dealing story that challenges matriarchs Leela (Kirsty-Leigh Porter), Nancy (Jess Fox), James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan), Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony)  and John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) as their children become deeper involved in the drug trade.

This much-loved soap has won widespread critical acclaim for its handling of issue-based storylines and for bringing them to a tea-time audience. Recent recognition includes: Best Soap or Continuing Drama at Broadcast Awards; a Mind Media Award for Lily's Self Harm storyline; Best Continuing Drama at RTS; and Best Soap at the British Soap Awards.

With its heightened gothic love stories and shock twists, Hollyoaks strikes the perfect balance between those ‘it could only happen in Hollyoaks’ moments and topical, real-life storylines.




TX: Autumn 2020

Production company: Luti Media

Contact: Debra Clavey / Sue Wilks

From writer, director and star O-T Fagbenle (Black Widow, The Handmaid’s Tale, NW), Maxxx centres around a formerly famous boyband star who tries to make his music come back in a bid to win back his famous supermodel ex-girlfriend Jourdan Dunn and prove to the world that he isn’t a washed-up old has-been! To get his career back on track Maxxx enlists the help of his cousin-slash-superfan-slash-stalker Rose (Helen Monks - Raised by Wolves, Upstart Crow), and tries to convince his former manager Don Wild (Christopher MeloniThe Handmaid’s Tale, Oz) to take him back. But Don has other ideas and recruits the help of wannabe manager Tamzin (Pippa Bennett- Warner – MotherFatherSon, Harlots). Maxxx is also hunted by Lucky (Javone PrincePhone Shop, The Javone Prince Show) who is Maxxx’s former bandmate.



Q1 2021



TX: 2021

Production company: RED Production Company (a STUDIOCANAL company)

Contact: Sue Wilks / Ryan Davies

It’s 1981, the start of a new decade and Ritchie (Olly Alexander), Roscoe (Omari Douglas) and Colin (Callum Scott Howells) begin a new life in London. Strangers at first, these young gay lads, and their best friend Jill (Lydia West), find themselves thrown together, and soon share each other’s adventures. But a new virus is on the rise, and soon their lives will be tested in ways they never imagined. As the decade passes, and they grow up in the shadow of AIDS, they’re determined to live and love more fiercely than ever.

From BAFTA Award winning Russell T Davies, the Boys cast also includes Keeley Hawes, who plays Ritchie’s mum Valerie; Shaun Dooley playing Ritchie’s dad Clive; Neil Patrick Harris as Henry Coltrane; Stephen Fry as MP Arthur Garrison; and Tracy Ann Oberman as Carol Carter.





TX: 2021

Production company: Civic Center Media in association with MRC Television

Contact: Georgie Hobbs

The Great is a satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia’s history. It’s modern love story that incorporates historical facts, occasionally.

It is the fictionalised, fun and anachronistic story of an idealistic, romantic young girl (Elle Fanning), who arrives in Russia for an arranged marriage to the mercurial Emperor Peter (Nicholas Hoult). Hoping for love and sunshine, she finds instead a dangerous, depraved, backward world that she resolves to change. All she has to do is kill her husband, beat the church, baffle the military and get the court onside. Phoebe Fox, Adam Godley, Gwilym Lee, Charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge, Sacha Dhawan, Sebastian de Souza, Bayo Gbadamosi and Belinda Bromilow complete the cast.







Prod co: Lime Pictures


CONTACT: Jessica Culshaw  

E4 is to put the dating skills of four celebrities to the test in brand new series Celebs Go Virtual Dating. This new spin off to E4’s flagship reality series Celebs Go Dating, will bring all the dating drama of its sister show, but with the added challenges of video vetting love matches and trying to find that spark on a socially distanced date. How will our frisky four fare when getting up close and personal is off the table? Will they still excel in turning on the charm, or buckle under the remote pressure?




CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh

The Supernanny is Back! The one and only Jo Frost returns for the season 8 airing of brand new episodes of Supernanny USA. NannyJoJo is on her way to sort out all different kinds of parenting dilemmas, from children who are immersed in too much technology, to tweens at war with their parents and hot topic issues like juggling work and family life or having parents on the brink of divorce! Will Jo be able to iron out the chaos and win over the children and their parents, or will they all rebel and leave Jo in a time out?




CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh

Brand new episodes of world-famous reality series return to E4. Two wives from two very different families swap lives to experience the day to day living in someone else's shoes.

All 4:
Detective Cain
Walter Presents

CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh

Absorbing French crime drama from Walter Presents following irreverent detective Cain who vigorously investigates various criminal cases that come by his precinct.

Black Dynamite – Series 2
Adult Swim

CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh
Black Dynamite is the greatest action star of the 1970s. When his only brother is killed by The Man, it's up to him to find justice. Series 1 now streaming on All 4.             


The Adulterer – Series 3
Walter Presents           

CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh
Two years have passed and Couwenberg is in prison. He is, however, ‘only’ convicted of blackmailing an alderman. Willem attempts to move on with his life but finds the injustice debilitating and joins forces with the mysterious Anna who seeks justice against Couwenberg.

Eric Andre Does Paris                                                                     
Adult Swim

CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh
This one-off special follows the beloved host, Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show). Tired of trying to make America great again, Eric hits the streets of Paris to ponder existential questions with the people of France.



All 4:


Seasons 1-6
All 4 – Exclusive
CONTACT: Ryan Johnson-Leigh

Enforcing his own brand of justice, US Marshal Raylan, a strong-willed, quiet law-man haunted by his past, returns to his native town to see that justice is served to those in need.