The Bridge: Race to a Fortune Press Pack

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Channel 4’s gruelling reality competition The Bridge returns for a supersized second series in a new tropical location. There’s double the drama and double the money up for grabs as two teams go head-to-head to be the first to get their hands on a £200k jackpot.

AJ Odudu presents the eight-part series in which 16 strangers compete for the chance to win the huge cash prize, unaware at first of the scale of the challenge they are walking into.

In this new series, the contestants must put egos and differences aside to tackle the ultimate test of physical ability, mental skill and teamwork. Going head-to-head, the teams will race to build a bridge over 1,000 feet of water in just 12 days to reach the cash which lies below a tower on an island between both beaches. But only one person from the winning team can take home this huge prize.

Adventurer and explorer Aldo Kane joins the competitors in one of the 1,600 uninhabited islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, overseeing the challenges that will test the teams’ nerves and ability. He’ll make sure no one reaches the jackpot without giving it their all.

Along the way, the teams face surprise dilemmas and devious temptations that disrupt the whole competition as we discover who is prepared to deceive their teammates for their own personal gain. Working together is key, but in this pressure-cooker environment everyone must decide who to trust, where their allegiances lie, and most importantly: who is worthy of the £200K?

The Bridge Series 2

Episode One – Tuesday 7th June, 10pm, Channel 4 & All 4

Sixteen strangers from the UK have flown halfway across the world and signed themselves up for an unknown challenge on one of Ha Long Bay’s 1,600 uninhabited islands in Vietnam.

Separated into two teams of eight and unaware of each other’s existence, both have been tasked with building a 1000ft bridge across the South China Sea to a central island in just 12 days – to try and win £200,000. But there is a twist: only one person from the winning team will take home the money.

Host AJ Odudu and ex-Royal Marine Commando Aldo Kane are with the teams every step of the way as both teams must endure basic rations, no hot shower, back-breaking rations and challenges along the way.

In this first episode, the teams travel to their new tropical home where they learn of the challenge facing them – and the massive prize up for grabs. As the teams get to know each other and attempt to start the build, they must first locate all the materials they need to build a bridge that will float. In this pressure-cooker competition, greed could easily overtake and, after just 48 hours on the islands, two volunteers from each team must decide which of them really has the hunger to win… They must decide between themselves who will be team leader and who doesn’t return to camp.

Episode Two – Wednesday 8th June, 10pm, Channel 4 & All 4

Sixteen strangers have been split into two teams and dropped on an uninhabited island of the coast of Vietnam. They are competing in a race to a 1,000-ft bridge across the South China Sea to try and win £200k.

AJ Odudu presents and ex-Royal Marine Commando Aldo Kane oversees the action as the teams, now three days into their challenge, are forced to appoint a leader in the hop of kick-starting their bridge builds.

One member of each team is also given the chance to be a mole in the opposite team. Who will feel the pressure and who will stop at nothing in the race to the money?