Big Boys S2

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Big Boys Programme Information

Ep 1 - The Boys Are Back In Town

Summer 2014, we are at Jack’s dead Dad’s 60th birthday. The gang grapple with having nowhere to live for second year whilst Jack has an eye-opening gay encounter. Meanwhile Danny tries to woo Corinne & Cousin Shannon gets a huge shock.

Ep 2 - Strictly Cum Dumping

Jack & Danny desperately try to pull a fresher whilst Corinne & Yemi succeed in their sexual pursuits, however a big secret is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile Peggy convinces Shannon to contact her mystery one night stand.

Ep 3 - Tennis Table Tennis

After his dad gets in touch, Danny has to decide whether to give him another chance as Jack stalks his sexy lecturer. Meanwhile Yemi frantically designs a fashion collection as Corinne finds herself needing him to help with matters elsewhere. 

Ep 4 - Surprise, Surprise!

Jack & the gang plan a huge surprise for Danny, just as his dad visits from Margate, but not everyone knows whether to warm to him. Meanwhile Shannon convinces Peggy to get dating & Jules conducts a landmark student survey.

Ep 5 - All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Gay

Second year ends as Jack, Danny & Corinne head for work experience with a banter-obsessed lads mag editor & an overly keen radio host. Meanwhile Shannon finally meets Tariq the baby daddy & Peggy goes on a first date.

Ep 6 - The Night When

Everyone stakes out at Watford Hospital for a long night in the maternity ward, as Jack’s whole family have to confront past tragedies before a new exciting chapter begins, for both them & his Uni best pals.