The Answer Trap Press Pack

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The Answer Trap is a brand-new quiz show, hosted by Anita Rani.

The aim of the game is to sort a list of answers into the correct categories to win cash. Can you separate your Jackie Collins Novels from your Grand National Winners? But there’s a cunning twist. Hiding in each list are a number of Answer Traps. The traps are answers that have been purposely designed to fool you into thinking they’re right answers, but in fact don’t belong in any of the categories. They are there purely to catch you out.

All the Answer Traps are devised by our resident quiz experts Frank Paul and Bobby Seagull. Their role as Answer Trappers is to create entirely plausible answers that you think are one thing, but you discover to your cost are something else entirely. Frank and Bobby’s traps serve up quirky facts, surprising stories and nuggets of entertaining information. For the audience, the reveal of a trap is a delight. For the contestants, it’s nothing but a frustration.

With two teams of two playing in each episode, they compete to put as many answers as possible into the right category. In every round, if they fall into a first trap it’s a warning. But two traps and you’re out – the round is over.

At the end of the third round the team with the most money gets to play for their winnings in the final. If they can put all the correct answers on the final list into their category, they win the show’s jackpot prize of £10,000. But as ever, Frank and Bobby’s Answer Traps are lying in wait. And in the final, two traps mean you’re going home empty handed...