Celebrity SAS - Wes


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Why did you sign up to this show?

To me, signing up for this show, I'm one of those people that wants to challenge myself in any way possible, and definitely challenge myself to the maximum. What course challenges you more than this? I don't think there's anything really in the world that you could ever get an opportunity to do something like this again. So, for me, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove myself as more than just someone in the public eye or a singer or a TV star. So it's just for me to prove myself, really.

Did you do any preparation for the show?

I tried my hardest to get in shape and I did do prep, don't get me wrong, you can't go into the show without doing any prep at all, it's ridiculously hard. But this is my first big challenge physically, I think, since doing Sink Or Swim.

How would you rate your mental strength going into the course?

I'd say my mental strength was my strongest attribute. I was an engineer before, so I have a logical way of thinking about things, getting from A to B and doing things strategically and structured. So I thought mentally I'd be good to go into this, but it doesn't matter how strong you think you are and how tough you think you are. These guys make sure that they ramp that up just for you. If they think you're stronger, they'll just ramp it up, they'll just go harder on you to see what you're made of. There's absolutely no hiding place on this show.

How did you find it having them screaming in your face?

They were absolutely ruthless from the get go this year! They are ruthless. It's ridiculous! People had told me, "It's going to be a lot harder than what you think it is." I've watched it every year, you know what got me? Is it's not necessarily just the challenges, it’s just that it never stops. The DS never, ever, ever stop. From the moment you get off the boat to the moment you leave, they really don't break character at all.

What was it like when you found out who you were going to be on the course with?

I was terrified! I mean, James flipping Cracknell, he’s a machine! How can I ever compare myself to him? Shanaze, absolute warrior. Alexandra, warrior. There's just so many people that I didn't even really know that well before, but then I definitely got to know after. Beautiful people, inside and out, and just so strong

You threw yourself off a helicopter, what was that like?

That one, for me, genuinely was probably the most fun because I'm not scared of heights. So, when I was in the helicopter, I was like, "Oh yeah. This is dope. This is sick." Swimming is not really a fear of mine, but it was fricking cold, though. That was the one thing that I really struggled with. Standing on the helicopter it's like pushing a block of ice off the railing. I was just sinking in the water, that was crazy!

Did you lose loads of weight on the course?

Yeah, I think about half a stone in a week. There's no mirrors there, but I could see for myself that I was getting lean. I was definitely shredded. I remember coming out and I FaceTimed my mum and dad and they're like. "You've got shredded." I was like "Yeah. I hope so I’ve been running non-stop for a week!”