Verity interview for Married at First Sight

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So, for those who don’t know about the series, explain what you’re going to do this Saturday?

Okay, so I am off to get married to a man that I have never met before.


How does it feel, hearing yourself say that?

Very weird. I’ve had to say it a few times, so it sounds a bit more normal now, but every time I say it, there’s still a little knot in my stomach.


Why did you want to do this?

I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with dating over the past few years, and I’m really wanting to be married and settle down and find someone who wants the same things as me. So putting it in someone else’s hands was the next option.


Why do you think going about it the traditional way hasn’t worked for you?

I really do blame modern dating,and dating apps. It’s such a throwaway culture now. And I think living in London it’s really hard to find someone who wants to commit, and not someone who’s on to the next date every day.


Have you been close to getting married in the past?

Nope, nowhere near. It was never on the horizon.


Lots of people will say that those taking part can’t be serious about this, that there’s always the option of bailing out at any time. How serious are you about making this work?

Really serious. It’s a really big undertaking. Obviously the marrying a stranger, the whole marriage, but also the lead-up to it takes up your whole life. If you’re not serious about it, there’s no point in your doing it. I know you can drop out at the last minute, but I’ve not had a feeling of “I shouldn’t be doing this” yet. So I’m pretty serious.


How did you feel when they told you they’d found a match?

Complete shock. Didn’t think I was hearing it right. It took a really long time to process it, like about four days. It just didn’t feel like it was really happening.


What was it like telling family and friends?

Telling my friends was great, they were all really, really excited about it, really supportive. They know all the troubles I’ve had in the past, so they’re as keen as me for it to work. Telling my mum and dad was a bit more sobering – obviously they’re your parents, they have an image of what their child will do and how they’ll get married, and this is obviously the complete opposite. I’m an only child as well. I don’t think I’d really thought about that aspect as much – it might be their only wedding. But as time has gone on, they’re now a lot more on board with it and can see why I’m doing it, and now I can enjoy talking about it with them.


What are you looking for in a partner?

Someone to have fun with, but have that commitment. Commitment’s been the main thing. To just have a best friend that’s there all the time and wants to be there.


What would be an immediate no-no?

If they are on this for other reasons. If I meet them, and they’re all about the camera, and really vain. I think you can suss if they’re in it for the same reason as you.


What do you know about your future spouse? Have you had any communication at all?

None. I know his ring size, and that’s it. No, we have had communication actually. We wrote each other a letter, which was really, really nice.


What was his letter like?

Really good, it was exactly what I wanted to hear. It was quite funny, but thoughtful. It had a couple of jokes in. His writing was really nice. I really needed it when I read it. It was a good bit of encouragement.


How has filming been so far?

It’s been fine. I thought it would be more daunting than it is. I think obviously it’s going to ramp up once we’re married. But it’s been an interesting experience. And I’ve loved being able to have friends involved with it, so they know how it works. It’s been really fun.


Have you had your hen do?

Yes, it was on Saturday. We had some prosecco and nibbles at the flat, and then went for a bottomless brunch in Soho and then probably went to every single bar in Soho after that, so it was a good do – just what I wanted.


For most brides, one of the big things is planning the wedding. How does it feel to not be doing that?

It’s been a funny one. As a girl, a lot of topics of conversations with my friends will revolve around what we would do at our wedding, and how we would have it. And I’ve been to a few friends’ weddings, so they’ve been talking about it. So I did wonder if I’d be sad or anxious about not being in charge of anything, but it’s been quite nice, to be honest. Obviously I’ve seen the show before, so I know it’s going to be tasteful. And there have been small bits, like finding the dress and finding bridesmaids’ dresses, things like that, that I’ve been able to do, and they would have been my favourite part to do anyway. I’m a bit sad I can’t go and pick my flowers, but for most weddings now you go and pick from a package anyway. So I’ve been pretty laid back about it.


Apparently they’re going to be some wilted carnations from a garage forecourt.

Oh great, that’s actually just what I wanted!


What are your main concerns about going on this adventure?

That it doesn’t work out. That it makes me more pessimistic about my love life and me. My main fear is that I really fall for them, and they don’t fall for me. I should also be thinking vice versa, but if I can’t sleep, that’s what I’ll be worrying about. Obviously it will then be on national TV. It’s not something that you can just forget, it’ll be around for a while.


Have you watched all the other programmes?

I’ve watched all of the UK ones, but I didn’t realise just how many other countries do it. But I’ve seen the three UK series.


Do you think that’s helped you learn how to approach this?

Definitely. You do see people’s personality traits and why they haven’t worked and wat they haven’t done. I think the main thing I’ve learned from watching all of them is to keep an open mind and not go in with preconceptions, or think “Right, I’ve got to fall in love with him immediately.” I just need to take things as they come.


How do you feel about the fact that, to date, none of the marriages have worked out?

That probability is on my side. It’s got to work at some point. You can see each year that there’s a couple where one person’s keen and the other person isn’t, so hopefully at some point it’ll be both people on the same page.