The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Interview with Clara Ross (Sophie)

Category: Interview

Do you enjoy being read this book at bedtime?

I do like reading this book at bedtime because it’s really nice. I like all the characters, and that an animal can talk, because in real life, how can an animal talk? 

What other books do you like?

I like reading If I Were an Owl, Dotty Detective or chapter books and school books or any kind of books because they take you to an imaginary world.

If a tiger turned up to your door and ate everything and drank all the water in your taps, what would you want your parents to do instead for tea?

Well, if the tiger ate everything on the table and everything on the shelves and all the water, I think we would probably go to ASK Italian.

What do you most like eating for tea?

My favourite thing to eat is pizza, bangers and mash or my mum‘s homemade macaroni cheese with crumbs on it.

Will you be watching The Tiger Who comes to Tea on Channel 4 at Christmas?

I can’t wait for when it comes out at Christmas on Channel 4 - I’m just really excited that my voice is going to be animated!