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Stammer School: Musharaf Finds His Voice

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TX: Autumn

Many of us take speaking for granted. But what if the words in your head just won’t come out?  For over half a million people in Britain, a stutter affects their lives every single day. Stammer School follows a cast of struggling stammerers as they enrol on an intensive 4 day course called The McGuire Programme.
The film features Musharaf Asghar, affectionately known as Mushy, from Educating Yorkshire. Musharaf has had a stutter for as long as he can remember. Last year he found a place in the heart of the nation as millions tuned in to watch him learn methods to overcome his often crippling stutter, and achieve the C grade he needed in his English GCSE. Although Mushy’s stammer has improved, he is still often left speechless. Joining him on the course is 23 year old Vicky Croft who was a fluent speaker until last December when she developed a stammer following a minor stroke. Now more likely to stay at home than go out with friends, Vicky dreams of getting back to the bubbly, confident person that she was before her stutter.
The film follows Mushy, Vicky and other stammerers as they attempt to overcome this huge stumbling block in their lives. From learning new breathing techniques, to talking on the phone and even public speaking, they’ll all be pushed to their physical and mental limits. The film follows the stammerers on an emotional, dramatic journey; by the end of the course will they find the courage and resilience it takes to finally find their voice?

Prod Co: Twofour