Southshore make The Greatest Snowman for Channel 4

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‘Twas the run up to Christmas

And up in the snow

Celebrities compete in a brand-new show

For three days and nights

Skilled teams by their side

These warmly wrapped stars

Compete…. for pride.


It is Christmastime!

But who will do best

At building an igloo in this wintery test?

Who will emerge

As an ice artisan

And win the crown

For The Greatest Snowman?


Channel 4 and Southshore will bring some frosty cheer to screen this Christmas. Hosted by Sue Perkins The Greatest Snowman is a special one-off following a pack of celebrities as they travel to an Alpine resort to compete in an epic snow building competition.

With thousands of tonnes of snow and giant blocks of crystal-clear ice at their disposal, the celebrities will go head to head across three tough rounds that will test both their brain and brawn.

Supported by a crew of seasoned sculptors, engineers, and snow builders these stars will have to design and create some of the most extraordinary snow creations ever seen on TV.

Judged by experts, all will risk chilblains as they attempt to carve and construct incredible structures made from snow and ice. The competition will culminate in the ultimate snowy challenge where the famous faces will use all they have learned in each round to attempt to construct The Greatest Snowman!

The Greatest Snowman was commissioned for Channel 4 by Tom Beck, Head of Live Events with Head of Entertainment, Phil Harris. Executive Producers are Caroline Davies, Melanie Leach and Andrew Mackenzie for Southshore. The Series Editor is James Hedge.