Rylan Clark-Neal interview

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So, Rylan: can you bake?

I thought I could and then I came here.


Who taught you to bake?

Nobody taught me to bake, so the only person I have to blame is myself for this entire experience.


What is your personal signature dish?

I used to be really good at macaroons, but I’ve not made them for years and I’ll probably say this now, and walk into the technical and its macaroons, and then fuck them up, but I used to be really good at them, people think they’re hard but once you know how to do them they’re quite simple.


Are you a Bake Off fan?

I absolutely love Bake Off, I’m currently still presenting Big Brother, but I have had to make it work as I so wanted to do it.


Who do you want to impress the most in the tent?

Hmm, I think I want to impress…Mandy the floor manager.  I’d like to impress both of them to be perfectly honest, Paul and Prue.


Who do you reckon is the biggest competition in the tent?

I think Russell is quite on the ball, Michelle did a really good job, and James did a really good job as well, three really good bakers in there, everyone’s tasted really nice, but it is only the first challenge so…


Have you ever had a baking disaster?

I’ve had many baking disasters but whatever it is, I’ll cover it with icing and sprinkles and say a child has made it.


After that challenge, what’s your strength is in baking?

I would have said presentation but I just completely fucked it up, I have no strength, my flavour was good.


Are you more likely to get a Hollywood handshake, or a soggy bottom?

Both are a good outcome aren’t they? I’m probably more likely to cry into the oven.


Why are you supporting Stand Up 2 Cancer?

It’s something that’s affected probably everyone whether it’s a close or a distant friend or relative.  The great thing about Stand Up for Cancer is it doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is out there, we’re going to help sort it out, and we’re going to have a laugh while we do it.


Have you practised your bakes for today?

No, because I’m building a house and not got the kitchen in it yet.


Are you competitive? Do you want to be the star baker?

I’d love to be the star baker but after the shit start, I think that’s out of the plastic window, I’d like to do well definitely, I just don’t want to come last.


How do you feel about the technical? Are you good under pressure?

I’m worried about the tech, but actually I’m probably better when I don’t know what I’m doing.


I know you don’t really cook, are you a traditionalist or do you like experimenting with food, even just when tasting it?

I like experimenting but with core traditional things, like a shepherd’s pie with a rainbow – rainbow mash.


If you were a baked good what would you be?

A pain au chocolate – quite soft on the outside but if you overcook me I’ll turn hard on you.