Meet The Grooms

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Ben, 39

Tour Guide

Ben currently works part-time in the construction industry and feels like a fish out of water since changing professions a few years ago. But he’s craving the adventure and excitement he once had travelling the world. 

Living the life of a tour guide, it’s been easy for Ben to walk away from relationships when they feel difficult and hasn’t felt like he’s met “the one”. His last serious relationship ended five years ago and he finds dating exhausting. 

Ben is extremely picky when it comes to a partner and needs to be stimulated to maintain his interest. He admits to sometimes having unrealistic expectations and a fear of settling but he’s trying to change that. He’s been in love before and knows love is one of the greatest experiences life can offer.

Collins, 28

Executive Assistant

A self-confessed chatterbox, Collins is quirky, a little bit awkward, and loves to laugh and make people happy.   

Collins’ experience when it comes to dating and relationships is zero: he has had his heart broken by unrequited love once, never had a girlfriend, and is perpetually put in the friendzone. 

Collins is conscious that he isn’t the typical tatted-up gym junkie, but he sees himself as a genuine, kind and respectful person, with big ambitions and a lot of love to give. Collins is looking for that initial spark and hopes to finally get out of the friendzone when he meets his match.

Jack, 34

Personal Trainer

Jack describes himself as an alpha male who needs a partner who will fully embrace and respect his dominant energy.

With high expectations, Jack has a very structured, controlled lifestyle. The list of required attributes for his future partner are lengthy: they must be glamorous, fit, a nice smile, tanned and ideally brunette.  

Jack likes to put his women on a pedestal, is overly affectionate and a romantic at heart. He hopes the person he is paired with will have the patience to understand him and exercise unconditional love for who he truly is. 

Jayden, 26

Professional Kickboxer

Brother to Mitch Eynaud (Season 9), Jayden insists the pair are nothing alike. Focused and disciplined, Jayden’s busy schedule sees him working around the clock. Professional kickboxer by day and security guard by night his work has always been his priority, leaving him with little time for love. 

With a professional knack for hiding his emotions, Jayden is used to keeping people at arm’s length. Misunderstood and usually given the “bad F boy” label, there is more to him than meets the eye. 

Jayden gets a lot of attention from women but never the right kind of attention. He wants his future partner to be into their fitness, ambitious and independent, plus up for the challenge of breaking his walls down. 

Jonathan, 39

Health Business Owner

Intellectual and emotionally intuitive, Jono has worn many professional hats in his life, but he gave up his most recent job and business following the breakdown his last relationship. 

Packing up his life, Jono travelled the world for 15 months, tackling more than 50 countries. Living on remote islands for weeks at a time and hunting for his own food to survive, he is an adventurer and risk-taker at heart.  

Jonathanconsiders himself unlucky in love and credits his singledom at almost 40 to being with amazing women who he should have married in his 20s, and poor choices in his 30s.

For Jono, it’s time to get serious about finding someone to love. He is eager to become a father and is hoping to meet someone as equally motivated as he is.

Michael, 34


Michael is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and will do anything for those he loves.

Born in the US and growing up in a small town in Ohio, Michael admits his upbringing was challenging at times but credits his mum and close family ties to making him the man he is today.

In relationships, Michael can struggle with letting his walls down out of a fear of being hurt. Having been single for five years, he is sick of the dating scene and is ready to settle down and become a father.

Michael wants to meet someone who is tall, dark and handsome and can match his confidence and align with his family values.

Richard, 62

Motivational Speaker

Charismatic, self-assured and vocal, Richard has been thriving in his professional life, but the world of love and online dating apps is proving more of a challenge. 

Describing himself as young at heart, Richard left his wife of 27 years because the relationship had run its course and the spark was no longer there. He recently dated a woman 27 years his junior, with the relationship ending over her desire to have children. With three of his own already, this is a deal breaker for Richard.

Struggling to meet a woman his own age that fits his criteria, Richard is turning to the experts to pair him with a woman who has a zest for life, a flexible attitude, and is someone he has undeniable chemistry with.


Simon, 39

Marketing Manager

Simon was married to his ex-wife for most of his twenties, but just before turning 30 he came out to his family as gay.

Simon still has a great friendship with his ex-wife and continues to co-parent their teenage son. Since their split, he has been in a seven-year “situationship” but it never eventuated to anything, leaving him wanting to find someone to share a real connection with.

Admitting that he often feels lonely, Simon craves a committed relationship just like his marriage, but this time with a man. He thinks that the experts can find the perfect match for him.

Tim, 31

Online Business Owner

A charming surfer boy, Tim has lived in Colombia, Thailand, Bali and Melbourne before settling on the Gold Coast. Tim is a friendly, laidback guy who is easy to get along with. 

A classic entrepreneur, Tim has a handful of online businesses to his name and hopes to build a school in Ethiopia where his sister was adopted from. 

Tim has been cheated on in the past. While he enjoys dating, Tim admits to keeping his walls up as he hasn’t fully healed from his past heartbreak. With a willingness to open himself up to the experiment, his ideal companion is funny, emotionally stable and a great conversationalist who exudes feminine energy.

Timothy, 51

Business Owner

With the gift of the gab Timothy could sell water to a fish, and his mantra is to live every day to the fullest, but Timothy struggles to let people in and hopes the experts can help him open up.

After recently losing his father, Timothy realised that he is lonely and craves the support, love and emotional connection of a partner. His last relationship ended six years ago, and while he has forgotten what it feels like to be in a partnership he knows that he wants to feel butterflies and excitement when his bride walks down the aisle. 

Timothy’s ideal match needs to be a genuinely good person, with a flexible, fun nature. He would love to find love. He is ready to take care of someone, and in return, have someone take care of him. 

Tristan, 30

Entertainment Manager

Confident, funny and adventurous, Tristan cannot seem to get himself out of the friend zone. Unsure of whether he’s self-sabotaging or just chasing the wrong women, Tristan is putting his faith in the experts to find him a match as caring and loving as he is. 

Raised by a single mum who worked around the clock to provide for his family, Tristan refers to her as his hero, queen, and biggest supporter. His previous relationship ended badly and it has made him nervous to date again, but he’s ready to give romance another chance.

Accomplished and career driven, Tristan is ready to focus on someone else and be their ultimate hype man. He does not have a big check list when it comes to his future partner – he simply wants to be loved.