Meet the Brides

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Andrea, 51


A single mum to two adult children, Andrea ended a relationship after realising she was being gaslit, and decided to cut ties with her ex once and for all. Since then she has been bread-crumbed, love-bombed and ghosted more times than she can count.

Andrea describes herself as giving, respectful and kind, but can occasionally be accident-prone and forgetful – which is why she has a “To Do” list tattooed on her arm. Earnest, lovable and trusting, Andrea is full of optimism and ready to fall head over heels for the right person.

Cassandra, 29

Administration Officer

A ray of sunshine, Cassandra is outgoing, bubbly and social. Having experienced the devastating loss of her first love, Cassandra has struggled to find a meaningful connection with anyone since. As she approaches her 30s, she wants to meet someone equally as family-oriented and loving as she is to build a life and family with.

With a huge supportive family originating from Tanzania, Cassandra has an open mind and a huge heart with a lot of love to give to someone kind with a beautiful smile.

Eden, 28

Recruitment Manager

Eden has worked hard to build a life she loves – but living far away from her hometown she relies on her best friend, and her dog Cub, for company.

Eden has been single for years - her ex-partner cheated on her with her best friend. Since the betrayal, Eden admits her trust issues run extremely deep.

Eden is fiercely independent and a perfectionist at heart. She is putting her trust in the experts to match her with someone ambitious, generous and loyal.

Ellie, 32

Registered Nurse

Coming from a close-knit family, Ellie’s ready to start a family of her own and wants to find someone to share her white picket fence dream with.

Ellie was left heartbroken after her ex-partner cheated on her several years ago. The relationship breakdown rocked her to the core, leaving her with a constant need for reassurance.

Despite her open, friendly and sunny nature, Ellie has largely been unlucky in love. Having tried every trick in the book to find her perfect match, she hopes the experiment delivers her Mr Right.

Lauren, 32

PR & Marketing Consultant

With her striking looks and strong opinions, Lauren attracts attention wherever she goes.

With a successful hospitality PR & marketing business, Lauren is a massive foodie who loves to cook and eat, and she loves a dinner date so she can judge her companion by the type of restaurant he chooses. 

Lauren’s parents have been married for 40 years, and her family has set a high standard for what a successful relationship looks like. Lauren has been single for six months and is looking for someone who can match her level of sarcasm, wit and banter.

Lauren is looking for a partner who is calm and level-headed to balance her out. She is hoping her match is tall, dark, handsome and makes her laugh until she cries.


Lucinda, 43

MC & Wedding Celebrant

Lucinda likes to squeeze all she can out of life, celebrating big, travelling often, and loving everyone she meets along the way. 

A free spirit who dances to the beat of her own drum, Lucinda describes herself as a steward of love and light. She is fun, easy-going, and creative.

Lucinda runs a speed-dating company and works as a marriage celebrant and MC, hosting events and workshops to unite people from all walks of life. But now, at 43, it’s her turn – she’s done with heartbreak and is saving space for a partner to share her life with.

Lucinda is looking for an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable, have a good time and explore everything the world has to offer. He must be dedicated to constant personal evolution and discovering his full potential.


Natalie, 32


This sweet and earnest gaming enthusiast and physiotherapist is a 5’1 pocket rocket with a fireball personality and is looking for her very own “Player 2” in the game of life.

Caring, kind and devoted to her family, Natalie goes out of her way to maintain relationships with the people she loves most. Her loyalty can bring out her feisty side and she will stand up for anyone being treated unfairly – including herself.

Natalie loves being in love and is ready to go all in again in the pursuit of a lasting love.

Sara, 29


Born and raised in Colombia, Sara has resided in Australia for the past eight years. Sara’s dream match is a confident guy with good chat, who can match her energy, and she loves the ‘pretty boy’ aesthetic.

An open communicator with a fiery personality, Sara fears that her approach can come off too strong at times. She considers herself an independent Latina woman with a big personality and is happy for her future husband to put her in her place. 

With strong ideals for her future, Sara tends to dismiss potential partners if they don’t live up to her expectations. Sara hopes that the experiment will find her “the one”.

Tori, 27

Business Development Manager

Tori is a self-proclaimed “bulldog” who doesn’t “do compromise”. Having been raised by strong women, Tori is fiercely independent. While she does not need a man, she would like to make room for one – but only if it is the perfect fit.

Tori’s ideal match is an alpha male who is not intimidated by a strong woman.

With a lengthy list of required attributes for her future companion, Tori admits that her pickiness has not been helpful in finding the right one. She confesses to being high maintenance but is yearning for someone who can be on the same wavelength as her, not someone she has to carry through life.