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JONATHAN ON JONATHAN: Adventurous, active and likes to try new things

JONATHAN WOULD LIKE: Someone active and outdoorsy, who is kind, and shares the same outlook on life as him.


Jonathan is looking for a new spark in life. He’s an active guy, runs every day, visits the gym and does yoga twice a week. He has travelled extensively and would love a future partner who would equally enjoy his adventures.

He recently attended a friend’s wedding which inspiried him to step up his search for a wife. Jonathan has seen several friends go on to have successful arranged marriages, and sees it as something that has worked for thousands of years – so why not. If his course to find a bride is a success he will always look back on Married at First Sight as the best decision of his life.

Jonathan doesn’t really have a type when it comes to women, although at 6’2’ he would prefer a tall woman. Deal breakers would be someome lazy without the same drive.

Jonathan would not want to rush into starting a family and thinks it’s important to really know someone first.

He has a very settled environment and lives close  to his parents and sister.



STEPH ON STEPH: Laid back, funny, doesn’t hold a grudge and likes to go with the flow.

STEPH WOULD LIKE: Someone tall and dark, who likes cats, is equally laid back, funny, kind and logical.


Steph doesn’t need grand romantic gestures – but wants to find someone who is ready to make a commitment. It’s important for them to be honest with each other about what they want.

Married at First Sight appeals to Steph as she doesn’t mind the unconventional the ‘traditional’ route. Marrying a stranger would be a refreshing change and Steph thinks it would be lovely to start out with a clean slate and to know that the series’ experts believe you have a good chance of making it.

Steph considers herself an ambitious person and likes to challenge herself and learn new things. She is halfway through a Masters and does this outside of her managerial role, which takes up a lot of her spare time. 

Steph has done all the ‘boring’ stuff; owns her own home, has a good job, has two cats, and now she’s ready to meet someone to have adventures with.





JACK ON JACK: Extremely outgoing, bubbly and a bit of a joker

JACK WOULD LIKE: A petite girl who is active, caring and open to new experiences, who shares the same family values as him


Originally from Brighton, family is everything to Jack; his parents’ forty year marriage inspires him to have that same close knit family of his own -  his mum is desperate for him to find love and looks forward to becoming a grandmother.

Jack would love to be matched with someone he can make feel special and who can make him smile. Deal breakers for Jack are someone who is malicious or manipulative.

One of Jack’s biggest passions is travelling. He tries to visit a new place every year and goes on regular football breaks with mates. His dream would be to work for nine months of the year and travel the world for the other three. His ideal partner would be equally adventurous and be the best friend he can share this passion with.

Jack has been single for just over a year, having previously been in two long term relationships – one lasting four years and one lasting five. Both ended amicably due to long distance.

Jack thinks that looking for someone with similar views, interests and ambition is “hard to find through today’s modern dating scene”. He thinks that going down the sciencentific route makes sense and hopes it will match him through criteria that dating apps don’t seem to be able to.




VERITY ON VERITY: Very sociable.

VERITY WOULD LIKE: A witty guy who is humble and emotionally honest and open. He must also share a desire to settle and build a home and enjoy, and have an interest in music.


Originally from Norfolk, Verity’s main ambition in life now, is to marry someone. Within in the next five years, she would like to be happy and settled with a partner, and for them to own a home together.  Deal breakers for Verity are someone who is misogynistic, homophobia with extreme body modifications – although tatts are fine!

Veritys’ parents are separated. She is an only child and is very close to her mum’s side of the family. She has an ecletic group of friends which she’s met throughout her life including old jobs, Uni and back home.

Verity has been single for two years and has had two long-term relationships - one lasting five years and the other for two years. She would like to have children in the future, ideally in the next five years.

Ballet is one of her passions and it’s something that she is looking to improve on – both watching and performing. Although she wouldn’t describe herself as sporty, she loves pilates, walking and being outdoors. Verity loves travelling and recently travelled around the West Coast of America.