The Language of Love - Trailer

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The Language of Love sees a group of Brits and a group of Spaniards pairing up at a dreamy Spanish country estate to see if they can find romance… despite not speaking each other’s language.

Set in a stunning finca in Andalusia, host Davina McCall is joined by Spanish TV host, actor and singer Ricky Merino, who will be on hand to interpret how the couples’ relationships are developing.

The group of Brits seeking romance will travel to Spain where they’ll meet their potential partners – a group of Spanish speakers also looking for their own historia de amor – to test whether love is deeper than just words. Can sparks fly even with a language barrier to overcome? The newly formed couples will take part in challenges and tasks to help them test their connection as well as learning more about each other’s countries, their culture and their languages.

At the end of the series, the international lovers will face a big dilemma: to call it quits, stay together long distance, or perhaps move to a new country to be with their newfound love. Will the daters choose amor or adiós?

The Language of Love starts Tuesday 4 January 10pm on Channel 4