Interview with Tony Bellew – Recruit #11

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You've taken on loads of challenges in your life. What was it about Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins that made you want to do it?

The reason I wanted to do it was because I've always admired the guys in the military and armed forces, especially the SAS boys. I took the Navy test when I was a kid, when I was younger, and then pulled out last minute. I passed it, and then pulled out last minute, because I wanted to pursue a career in boxing. I have a lot of time for the Royal Marines, but I just didn't think I'd be fit enough or good enough, so I didn't go down that path and stuck to the boxing.


Did you feel in good physical shape going into this challenge?

I soon learned that being a former athlete was very, very tough, because you've got set demands for yourself and your body that you used to put on yourself, but I hadn't been active or near a boxing ring for a year when the show started. I's hard to stay motivated, to be honest. So I tried to get in the best shape I possibly could to prepare me for it, but nothing could have prepared me for what was ahead! Part of the real battle of this course is mental, the mental side of it.


How did you find the other celebs?

Brendan was a lovely guy. I mean, I got on well with everyone to be fair. I'm a pretty easy going person. I get stereotyped as this big, horrible, aggressive guy. Honest to God, I'm just a down to Earth, normal person. I keep myself to myself. I hate the spotlight. People will say, "Oh, why are you doing the show?" I did it because I just love the SAS. I love soldiers, I love army, I love war, I love fighting. And they're the masters of it.


What did you think about the challenges?

The hikes were okay. I can deal with that kind of pain, I'm cool with that. I can take it. The heights is what killed me. The abseiling one wasn't too bad going down. When I can look up and go down backwards, I can deal with that. That's not a problem. When they made me do one where I'm going front ways, I'm looking down, that killed me. I just have an issue with heights, that I'm sure people will see through the show. I've always been scared of heights. So it's very, very hard for me to look down from a high point.


How does that fear compare to stepping into the ring?

When I'm fighting, I'm never nervous. I enjoy fighting. I'm excited by the thought of having a fight. I know that doesn't sound normal and I know people very rarely grasp what I'm saying, but I'm excited by having a fight. I really am. I look forward to it. I love fighting. I wish I could carry on fighting forever. I would have a fight every single week if I could. I just love the fact it's one on one. The fear of heights is about the fact I am not in control.