Interview with Harry Savage, 20, a drama student from Essex and Frank Savage, 23, campsite owner from East Sussex for the new series of Hunted

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So why did you want to take part in hunted?

Frank – To challenge ourselves, and to spend some good quality brother time with each other.

Harry – To challenge myself was the main thing, and also to try and change the stereotype about me, that my friends and other people have. To prove to myself that I could do something like this.

I feel like my stereotype is … I don’t know… a gay man. That I can’t do some things that other people can do. That was one of my reasons, and to spend some time with Frank.

Frank – Something different, to challenge myself and get away from the old routine that I am used to and to try something completely different. And to put all of my rubbish behind me.

Tell me how you will succeed and what tactics you will employ?

Frank – How will we succeed? Well… fingers crossed, we actually will succeed, there is no guarantee that we will succeed.

Harry laughs

Frank – But… we will do our best to succeed, I cannot tell you how we will succeed, as there is no guarantee that we will succeed.

Harry – Tactics, we are going to use our charm on strangers…

Frank – Cheekiness.

Harry – Cheekiness… What else? I don’t know… We will use your cheekiness to wind up the hunters slightly.

Frank – I like how you use me as your little bait!

Is there anything that you have seen people do before that you would avoid or replicate.

Harry – I don’t want to give away too much …

Frank – No, we don’t want to be the cocky two,

Harry – No no, no, we are not going to be them.

Frank – We will just be ourselves hopefully. See how it plays out.

What does being yourselves mean?

Frank – Stupid…

Harry – Arguing…

Frank – But enjoying ourselves and having fun, that is what it really is about.

What do you think the experience of going on the run is really going to be like?

Harry – I had the worst Duke of Edinburgh experience of my life.

Frank – Yeah, it would be terrifying at times.

Harry – It won’t be easy that is for sure.

Frank – But hopefully it will build our confidence, not that mine needs growing… I think that it would be good for both of us… and more so for Harry. Because, Harry I think  struggles to believe in himself, he is more than capable, but he struggles to believe in what he does, so he always needs someone to say ‘yeah you can do this’. His own opinion of himself needs to be better, and he needs to believe that he can do something.

How confident are you that you could stay on the run until the end?

Frank – If I am honest, we are both terrified, but I am fairly confident that we have got it in us to stay to the end.

Harry – Yeah, I guess time will tell…

Frank – Sink or swim …

Harry – We are going to swim hopefully.