Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay

Interview with Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay for Celebrity Hunted

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Why did you go and do this?

Chris: I think, for me, this is a fantastic opportunity to help raise money for such a great charity and for our competitive nature, it’s something right up our street. To put your competitive nature into something like this, which you'll never be able to do again, is exciting. It's something I've always wanted to do. I used to watch Mantrackerwhich is like a foreign version, a similar kind of thing where you reach an end goal. So I love all this kind of stuff.

Kem: I think it's the same for me. Me and Chris love doing this stuff together, we’re just grateful to be given this opportunity. Of course, it’s for an amazing cause as well so that we just feel like we want to be part of it and use what we've done over the last year to help towards something that's amazing. We saw how much it benefited last year. So when they asked us if we would be on the show, it was a no-brainer. I'm more scared than him though!

Why are you scared?

Kem: I'll be honest. I think I’m going to have mental breakdown when I'm on the run. Obviously, I’ve spoken about that I suffered anxiety before and I think going on the run will make it probably worse.

How will you control that?

Kem: To be fair, I know how to control it. My anxiety is a lot better now, but I've never been in this type of situation. I'm expecting to be a bit shocked and a bit overwhelmed with probably feeling anxious while I'm on the run because I've never done it before. I got Chris to talk to. At the end of the day, it’s not real life, but I know I will get anxious, but it’s something I will handle. I took that on when I knew I was going to do the show anyway.

Chris: I think there’ll be anxiety and a bit of paranoia because it is an environment that you aren't ever going to find yourself in unless you’ve done something wrong in real life.

Kem: I'll be honest, I think there’s definitely going to be a couple of emotional moments when we are on our own. Everyone is used to us being happy and messing around but this show us in a different light. We are very sensitive souls!

Fans are going to see the stripped back version of you both…

Kem: That's what we wanted to show as well. People are going to see a completely a different side to us. Obviously, we've never done anything for Channel 4 before and people might not even know us because not everyone might be a fan of Love Island. I think it'll give people a chance to see what me and Chris are like. We're both very family-oriented boys, very traditional people. I think people will see that. We’re just normal geezers. Do you know what I mean?

How competitive are you both going into this?

Chris: We want to win. We wouldn't sign up if we were satisfied with surviving a week, we want to win, we’re very competitive!

Kem: He used to be in the clubs so he’s good at all this outdoorsy stuff!

Whats your strategy?

Kem: Our strategy is that we don't have a strategy so then they don't know what we could do because we don't know what we’ll be doing from one minute to the next!

Chris: Yeah, we've got an escape plan and that leads us north and then we go from there taking things day-by-day. But we've got an escape plan from up North back down South too, so we’ll see what happens.

Kem: We're hoping to use our charm to get us places! We think, not in the arrogant way, that when we are together we are quite strong because we have a lot of fans who will hopefully help us. The problem is that everyone wants a picture with us all the time and we’re rubbish at saying no. We’re just going to ask people if they wouldn’t mind posting it but say they saw us in all these random places to try and throw the Hunters off.

What about disguises - do you have any?

Kem: We were trying to bring our Batman and Robin outfit but we can't actually get it approved.

Chris: Apparently, Batman and Robin are very well-known so it costs a lot of money to dress up like them on telly. We’re talking millions and this is for charity! We've got hats, lots of beanie hats which might help!

Kem: They’re actually Stormzy’s beanie hats, the ones he wears. So maybe we might pop in and see him for a cuppa while we’re on the run. He could help us out!

Do you hope Stormzy will watch the show?

Chris: He will be watching. He will 100%. We sent him a selfie last night of us in his hats. He definitely be backing us.

As you are so recognisable, especially together, will you be staying in the countryside for most of your time on the run?

Chris: Yeah, I’ve told Kem this is what I'm used to so I'm quite happy with that.

Kem: We've accepted that we're going to be pretty much on our own camping, that type of stuff because, honestly, soon as we go into known areas it's just game over. We will get stopped nonstop by people wanting pictures and then then game is up.

Do you think you'll row?

Chris: No, we won't row. If we do disagree on something, we'll both just say so and then it’s over. We've never ever had a row so I can’t see that happening now.

How do you feel about the hunters?

Chris: Nervous!

Kem: Nervous because you never know when they’re on your ass, we’ll constantly feel like we have to be looking over our shoulders.

Chris: They take it really seriously. That's the most scary thing!

Kem: For them, it's their job, it’s been their livelihood. They've prevented terrorists, they’ve been hunting bad people for years. They’re the best in the business. That's the thing, if I take on a challenge and the people I’m up against are the best, that makes it even more competitive.

Last series Anneka Rice said being in the public eye is like you’re constantly being hunted, would you agree?

Chris: Yes!

Kem: We feel that, honestly, our biggest weakness is that we’re in the public eye. We said it to the producer when we were filming some shots for the show before we even started then chase, we can’t go anywhere without being stopped. He didn’t get it and then we went outside and he saw the level we have to deal with. I think me and Chris are quite relatable people, people always say ‘we feel like you're our best friend’. So they just come over and want to chat. Then, obviously, when they see us both in matching beanie hats and with rucksacks, they’re going to be even more interested in what we’re up to.

Are there any celeb friends that you might call on to help?

Chris: Yeah! I’m good friends with Ian Poulter who’s a golfer and he’s playing in the Open up in Scotland. He’s got a private helicopter flying out of Dundee airport so our aim is to get there for when he’s finished his competition and then fly back with him!

Out of the rest of the guys going on the run, who do you think is your biggest competition?

Chris: I think we’re underrated.

Kem: I think we’re a shambles! We come up with just ridiculous ideas that we think in our head will work but they probably won’t!

Chris: Kay Burley is with an MP and he’s got to vote so they might get caught early! But then again, they know how the system works.

Kem: There’s a lot of odds against us, the rest of them are really strong but we’re not going to give up, we’ll do our best. I think we’re quite recognisable and we also have very ridiculous ideas that we think could work, so don’t write us off too soon!

What’s your message to the hunters?

Chris: I just want to say good luck because we’re going outsmart them! I’ve good in the country and Kem’s very street smart. We combined the perfect combination.