Hollyoaks 2019 Who Shot Mercedes

Hollyoaks: Who Shot Mercedes? Sylver| The Husband

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What is Sylver’s motivation for shooting Mercedes?

Sylver’s motivation could be a number of things: firstly, Mercedes has been having an affair with Liam behind Sylver’s back; she aborted a baby that could have potentially been his; there was the car crash where Mercedes ran over Grace and unknowingly left her for dead. Sylver has become quite close to Grace recently and Mercedes could have killed her or paralysed her. So there’s a few things that could make Sylver quite mad and we know he’s got a bad temper…

What has their relationship been like this year?

Sylver’s relationship with Mercedes has been very, very up and down. They’ve had a lot of highs – they’ve fallen in love, they got married, they went on holiday - but at the same time there have been a lot of issues: she got addicted to drugs, which Sylver helped her through, but in the process they lost custody of her nephew Max; she has been with Liam and although Sylver doesn’t know about the affair yet, it’s caused a lot of strain on their relationship and if that does come out it’ll be a big blow to their marriage, so it’s been a proper rollercoaster relationship so far.

What has it been like working so closely with Jen (Metcalfe) in your first year?

It’s been great, we’ve become very close in the past year, she’s become one of my closest friends and I’ve learnt a lot from her as well – she’s a very talented actress and everything has been really positive.

You’re also a personal trainer, have you trained any of the cast?

Not personally one on one but a few have asked for nutritional advice and how to ‘get massive’ [laughs] so I do give them some tips if they ask. If anyone wanted any one on one training, then I’m more than willing to help.

Do you feel a pressure to keep fit being on TV?

Yes, luckily I enjoy it anyway but there is a pressure surrounding it, it doesn’t get on top of me but I do need to maintain a certain look and normally in Winter you just want to relax and put a bit of weight on and then in summer everyone slims down, but for me it’s all year round, but it’s good motivation.

What have been your best and funniest moments filming so far?

I think Mallorca last summer when we filmed there was amazing. It was such an opportunity to go abroad and film. Obviously there were some very embarrassing scenes when I had to run around the pool naked, so that was pretty funny. It’s difficult to top that really, that was amazing.