Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker - Meet the Woodworkers

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Occupation: Builder & novice carpenter
Location: Lancashire
Billy completed a campervan conversion when he was 15, won a carpentry award at 16 and rebuilt a narrow boat by himself at 17. He has completed a two-year carpentry course as well as learning skills from YouTube, trial and error and Hayne’s manuals. He is currently working on a barn conversion and says he’s a quick worker and isn’t afraid to take risks.


Occupation: Artist & teacher
Location: Midlands
Chantal is mother of three daughters and registered foster carer. She has a degree in fine art and says she discovered her calling after completing a woman-only furniture-making course at the age of 38. After completing further training, Chantal now teaches DIY and art. Showing that woodwork is not solely a masculine pursuit is important to Chantal.


Occupation: Furniture maker
Location: Edinburgh
After working as a computer-aided designer and dog walker, Charlie began an apprenticeship at the age of 30 to retrain to work in the world of woodwork full time. Charlie’s specialisms are furniture-making and carving. Since filming, Charlie has set up her own woodworking studio and lives in the Calder valley.


Occupation: Furniture maker/set builder
Location: Paris
Jade grew up in Paris and rural France and became interested in DIY at an early age by helping her dad around the house. After working at a set and prop maker, she began studying furniture making while also working part time. Jade likes her work to be organic and natural to the touch and she has an interest in upcycling and sustainable woodworking.


Occupation: YouTuber
Location: Wolverhampton
Joe has enjoyed making things from a young age. He is a big advocate of making woodworking more accessible regardless of training and created his own woodworking YouTube channel. Joe makes custom furniture and craft items for family and friends and says that as long as his work looks good in the end, he doesn’t worry about errors and imperfections along the way. 


Occupation: Retired
Location: Essex
Michelle worked in the financial sector for 33 years, working around the clock in a pressured and stressful environment. After taking early retirement in 2018, Michelle has devoted more time to her woodwork for which she receives several small commissions a year. Michelle is also a grandmother, a martial arts instructor and enjoys riding her motorcycle.


Occupation: Sculptor
Location: Ludlow
Misti worked for over 30 years as a high-end, interior designer working in mansions and stately homes. A few years ago, Misti decided to leave it all behind and now works out of her woodland workshop, sculpting from stone, wood. Misti says her strength in the competition will be her eye for design and her knowledge of wood and what it can do.


Occupation: Junior cabinet maker
Location: Watford
Since graduating from his product design course, Radha worked briefly as a junior cabinet maker for a furniture company. His love of woodworking comes from spending time in his uncle’s workshop as a child and learning about tools and working on small projects. Radha describes his style as traditional and fine and he enjoys using as many hand tools as possible. Since filming, Radha has set up a bespoke furniture making business.


Occupation: Bike mechanic
Location: London
Five years ago, Tim left his job in the civil service to become a bike mechanic. When he’s not tinkering in his workshop, he volunteers at a local overgrown Victorian cemetery. Tim’s motto is ‘I make things out of stuff’. He can turn his hand to ceramics, glass blowing, carving, sculpting, welding and blacksmith work and he’s constantly experimenting with new materials.