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The Food Hospital Series 2

Category: News Release

The Food Hospital returns for a brand-new series and this time the experts are back using food to try to tackle an even greater array of common illnesses - from acne and eczema, insomnia and arthritis, to epilepsy and ADHD. Dietitian Lucy Jones, consultant Shaw Somers, GPs Gio Miletto along with Pixie McKenna will take part in series of fun challenges - using the public as willing guinea pigs - to test whether party food sends kids frantic, whether eating berries can make your office more productive and whether putting on weight is linked to when you eat your dinner.

The team will also investigate the power of everyday foods, finding out if beetroot can make you run faster, if chilli could speed up your metabolism and even if turmeric could help fight cancer. The medical team will be intervening in the diets of some of the UK's most extreme eaters and drawing attention to the dangers of fad diets popularised by celebrities.

Competitive identical twins Mark and Dean, 30, will  be embarking on different high and low fibre diets to measure the effect fibre has on stool passage time before taking part in their own ‘poo race.'

Alongside this, in a nationwide challenge supported by Bowel Cancer UK, viewers can download The Food Hospital app and could take part in the fibre challenge. They will be challenged to eat more fibre and track what happens to their toilet habits. Viewers will be able to record their own bowel movements using the specially designed app.


Production Company: Betty

Executive Producer: Neil Smith

Series Producer: Ceri Jones

Series Director: Vicki Cooper