Ferreting about at Fitzpatricks! THE SUPERVET:NOEL FITZPATRICK Thursday at 8 pm

Category: Video

The nation’s favourite vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, faces a mighty micro challenge in this week's fourth episode of this brand-new series.

A very unusual patient is brought to the practice as an emergency by self-confessed ferret fanatics (current count sixteen) Ben and Melanie. Poor ferret Astrid has broken her leg falling off the sofa while doing a ‘war dance’. The delicate surgery to fix the fracture requires precision on a minuscule scale; one misjudgement could shatter the entire bone. But there’s more jeopardy when the feisty ferret won’t cooperate with the nurses – and later, during the critical days of recovery, the team discovers that Astrid is also an escape artist!

Credit: Blast! Films