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E4 powers up Dead Pixels (w/t)

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Channel 4 Comedy has commissioned ‘Dead Pixels’ (W/T) (6x30’), a brand new part-live action, part-computer animation series for E4. Based on his 2016 Channel 4 Blap , ‘Avatards’, it will be written by BAFTA award-winning writer Jon Brown (Loaded, Fresh Meat, Veep) and will be Executive Produced by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Fresh Meat, Peep Show).

Dead Pixels centres on mates Meg, Nicky and Usman, whose world revolves around their obsession for the massively popular fantasy RPG[1] Kingdom Scrolls – a mystical, magical and, more importantly, virtual world of wizards and wyverns….

However in real life Meg and Nicky work in an office. They are not sure what Usman does for a living (though apparently it’s also something responsible and probably something involving spreadsheets). But they all have their priorities straight, especially Usman…. If Castle Blackfinger needs defending from a bunch of marauding orks then grabbing a decent night’s sleep would not only be selfish, it would be downright irresponsible. 

Unless you’re Jase, the new guy at Meg’s office. It’s not that Jase is a bit annoying, it’s just he’s just a total noob[2], which makes him incredibly f*cking annoying, except if you’re Meg.  Meg isn’t in attract mode[3] for Nicky and Nicky DEFINITELY isn’t in attract mode for Meg. That would be a cliché. Nothing will EVER happen between them, not in this world, or in Kingdom Scrolls…. Although Meg might be in attract mode for Jase, when he’s not being annoying – which is most of the time.

An unusual mix of on-screen live-action and computer animation, Dead Pixels is AAA[4] and split equally between the characters real lives and their online domain inside Kingdom Scrolls, which means FMV[5], SLI[6], and other cool stuff go and take a double jump.[7]

Fiona McDermott, Head of Comedy at Channel 4, says: “We’re next level thrilled – which I think gets me enough experience points to buy an Ork Cudgel – to be working with Jon Brown and Various Artists on this brilliant show.  It’s a bold, original precinct with a really distinct and funny voice.  Moreover, it’s another success from the Blaps platform that’s been nurtured from online short to full series”

Jon Brown, says “As an adult male who spends his every actual weeknight in Bolivia attempting to disrupt the manufacture and distribution of cocaine (online; on PS4) I feel uniquely placed to write about the manifold joys and sadnesses of the gaming life. It’s a pastime unique for being both utterly and literally pointless, but also genuinely and profoundly meaningful. I look forward to sharing my shameful, pathetic virtual experiences with E4 audiences.” 

Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Comedy will be Rachel Springett. Dead Pixels is written by Jon Brown, it will be Executive produced by Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, and is produced by their new production company Various Artists Ltd for TX in 2018.


[1] That’s ‘Role Playing Game’ to you non-gamers

[2] A person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet, so if you’re reading this that probably means you

[3] This is an actual gaming term for something else, but in this instance the PR writing this press release has used artistic licence and twisted its definition to mean ‘fancy’

[4] Apparently gaming industry talk meaning ‘impressive and amazing’

[5] Full Motion Video

[6] Scalable Link Interface

[7] A second jump in mid-air, while your Avatar is in motion