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Dead Pixels loads a new save on E4

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E4 is adding more XP to its comedy stats and levelling up with a second series of Dead Pixels.

The show that takes an affectionate and humorous look at the world of online gaming – no loot boxes required.

Our GG gamers Meg (Alexa Davies - Mamma Mia 2, Raised by Wolves, Detectorists), Nicky (Will Merrick - Poldark, Skins), Russell (David Mumeni – Damned, Lost in London) and Usman (Sargon Yelda – Spectre, Innocent) make attempts to truly be AFK and build lives in reality… which ironically draws them further back into the online world of the Kingdom Scrolls, and with an expansion pack available anything could happen.

Things become even more emotionally complicated for the gang with non-gamer Alison (Charlotte Ritchie - Call the Midwife, Raised by Wolves, Fresh Meat) still stuck on the side lines. Only one thing’s for certain: we’re not ready for Game Over yet.

Remember: 1f y0u c4n 234d 7h15 y0u 423 4 n32d!

Jon Petrie, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Comedy says: “We’re delighted to be working with the brilliant Jon Brown and Various Artists Limited on another series of the fantastically funny Dead Pixels; a show that proves if you’re a talented comedy writer you can absolutely justify sitting on your sofa playing computer games as ‘research’.”

Jon Brown, commented: "I’m very excited to be inserting another credit into the giant Dead Pixels arcade cabinet, and look forward to continuing the adventures of Meg and Nicky, in both the game and non-game worlds. Expect more fire, death and cow slaughter.”

Phil Clarke, Managing Director at Various Artisists Limited added: “We are delighted to be returning on E4 for a second run, and look forward to working with our talented cast, the outstanding writer Jon Brown, and Keyframe, our exceptional animators. As well as the supportive and inspirational comedy department at Channel 4."

Dead Pixels is commissioned by Fiona McDermott, Head of Comedy for Channel 4 and Jon Petrie, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Comedy. Dead Pixels is made by Various Artists Ltd, written by Jon Brown, executive produced by Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and produced by Tanya Qureshi.