Channel 4.0 Launches Innovative New Digital Format Clone Heads

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Channel 4 has commissioned  Clone Heads, an innovative and irreverent new two-part comedy game show with a post-apocalyptic twist for the 4.0 channel.

Hosted by Specs Gonzalez Clone Heads sets a post-apocalyptic stage for competition between social media influencers who become 'commanders' of clone armies, competing in a series of bizarre and hilarious games.

The series kicks off with YouTube sensations Darkest Man and King Kenny leading their clone armies. Their genuine on screen relationship  is crucial for drawing viewers into the show's unique world. The second episode will introduce social sensation GK Barry, who brings her distinct flair and comedic timing to the mix.

Speaking about the concept, Bart Frank said, "The vision was to create something that wasn’t just a game show but a spectacle—a kind of hilarious chaos that has echoes of Squid Game, that you can't help but be drawn to. Specs Gonzalez, embodies this vision perfectly, orchestrating the madness with a gleeful tyranny that's crucial to the show's atmosphere,"

A key figure in bringing Clone Heads to life is Cat White, commissioning editor at Channel 4.  Speaking about the commissioning process Frank shared, “From the initial pitch to the final edits, Cat's enthusiasm and vision have been instrumental in shaping the series. Cat has been an unwavering supporter of Clone Heads from the very start. Her belief in the concept's potential and her commitment to innovation have significantly enriched the show,".

Cat White who commissioned the 4.0 series said, “It’s rare to be pitched an idea as immediately irresistible as Clone Heads. With its clear line of subversive silliness, it promised to be a fresh, innovative take on a gameshow format that felt both unapologetically 4.0 and YouTube in tone,” She added, “Objekt delivered on that promise in spades, and I can’t wait for audiences to enjoy the scale, ambition and pure chaos that they’ve created with their Clone Head world - not to mention the spectacle of a clone army of some of our favourite 4.0 faces.”

"The creativity of our team has been pivotal," notes Frank. Director Ricky Williams and Editor Brett Taylor have been instrumental in crafting the visual and narrative beats of 'Clone Heads,' ensuring each episode is engaging and vibrant. Developing and testing games was a key part of the production process, leading to the team - execs included - charging around a local park with McDonald's paper bags over their heads. Frank notes, “This quirky test helped us understand the challenges our clones would face during 'The Hunt,' a pivotal game in the show”.

Creating the heads for the talent to wear required some innovative thinking and Plunge Creations was brought in to partner on the production of the heads. Frank said,  "Plunge Creations were our partners in this venture, and they exceeded all expectations. The heads were not only a technical marvel due to their lightweight design but also a testament to the creativity and low-cost innovation that define this show,"

Platform Post Production also played a crucial role in bringing the visual and audio elements of Clone Heads to life.  The visual effects, in particular, are integral to the storytelling, helping to create an immersive post-apocalyptic environment.

Episode 1 dropped on  Thursday, 16 May at 18:00 on Channel 4.0’s YouTube channel. Episode 2 will drop on 23 May at 18:00 on Channel 4.0’s YouTube channel.

Speaking about the future of Clone Heads Frank reveals, "We are exploring potential international adaptations and further expansions of the format,".

Clone Heads credits:

Production Company: Objekt
Commissioned for Channel 4 by: commissioning editor, Catriona White, with Head of Digital Commissioning, Sacha Khari
Length: 2 x 20-25 minutes
TX: Channel 4.0, YouTube, Thursday, 18:00 from Thursday 16 May
Executive Producer: Bart Frank
Series Director: Ricky Williams
Lead Editor: Brett Taylor
Producer: Melissa Massey, Talor Hanson
Production Executive: Kerry Brandon
Post-house: Platform Post Production

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