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Channel 4 teams up with Frontline19 in ‘Life on the Frontline’ continuity takeover to spotlight powerful NHS workers’ mental health campaign

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Starting this evening (Wednesday) to Friday on More4, Channel 4 has invited NHS frontline staff to read the continuity announcements around well-known blue light programming including ‘24hours in A&E’ and ‘999 on the Frontline’.

The continuity takeover was created in collaboration with adam&eveDDB, the creative agency behind Frontline19’s latest campaign “Sicker Than The Patients”. In the moving voiceovers, the frontline workers share their lived experience of mental health struggles to encourage viewers of the blue light shows to consider the people behind the uniforms.

Alongside the continuity announcements, Channel 4 has supported Frontline19’s campaign with airtime around their blue light programming. The two-minute film, produced in the style of CCTV footage, captures the emotions of NHS workers. It airs around programming including ‘24 Hours in A&E' and '999 on the Frontline'. Created by adam&eveDDB, the film seeks to raise awareness that more than half of NHS workers suffer from poor mental health, and one in four NHS staff have considered suicide.

Darren Beresford and Richard Gayton, Creative Directors, adam&eveDDB say: “Channel 4’s blue light programming gives viewers a real insight into the traumas that frontline NHS workers go through every day. Our Frontline19 campaign, ‘Sicker Than The Patients’ lifts the curtain on the unseen effect that trauma has on the mental health of these people. Through the continuity announcements, we’ve been able to use Channel 4’s platform to further empower NHS workers to share their experiences.”

Claire Goodwin-Fee, Founder of Frontline19 and Psychotherapist, Claire Goodwin-Fee, says: “We are very grateful to Channel 4 for their support with our campaign. Far too often the voices of those that work so hard to care for us are not heard. Our new campaign, ‘Sicker Than The patients’ seeks to redress this by shining a light on the trauma and struggles that so many frontline NHS staff are facing. By inviting frontline workers to speak about their experiences to an audience of millions, we hope that more of the public will develop an appreciation of the lengths NHS staff go to and the sacrifices they make to ensure we remain safe and well. It’s important that the public recognise NHS staff are not immune to suffering mental ill health, and any initiative which normalises and validates this fact is really welcome.”

Sophie Lloyd, Creative Leader, Channel 4 Sales’ Creative Hub says: “Channel 4 is well-known for its powerful blue light programmes which document the lives of emergency workers. We know these shows deeply resonate with our viewers, so this felt like a natural opportunity to amplify a campaign that also looks at frontline workers’ experiences behind the scenes. Creating these cultural connections is what we do best in Creative Hub, and we hope that having NHS workers share their stories during the continuity announcements will help viewers learn more about the people behind the uniform.”

Frontline19 is a free independent, confidential and UK based nationwide service delivering psychological support to people working on the frontline.