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Channel 4 real world game challenges the great British public to Double The Money

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Channel 4 real world game challenges the great British public to Double The Money

Sue Perkins is to host a revolutionary new game show where pairs of ordinary people are challenged  over several weeks to go out in the real world and double their money in a race to win a hefty cash sum.

“Double The Money” will see pairs of contestants come together on day one to receive a modest starting pot of seed money. As soon as they receive the cash the clock starts ticking and their mission is clear: double the money within the next exhilarating few hours or face elimination from the game.

With complete freedom on how to spend their starting pot, contestants must devise smart strategies, bold hustles and ingenious ideas to turn their initial sum into a substantial fortune. However, contestants shouldn’t get too comfortable if one idea works because they will be eliminated if they attempt to use the same idea twice.

As the competition progresses, each round increases the cash target that teams must achieve and extends the time they have to do it. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on as the clock counts down with each passing round. By the final round, weeks later, the remaining duo that makes the most money in the given time will win a large cash prize to add to their final pot.

Head of Daytime & Features at Channel 4, Jo Street said, "This is an incredibly exciting format that breaks the mould of traditional game shows. By taking the competition out of the shiny TV studio and immersing the contestants in the real world, we're sure to see some truly creative ways of making money as our pairs battle it out for the top cash prize.”

Andrew Mackenzie, Co-CEO at South Shore said “The world is full of people with great side hustles and weird and wonderful ways to make money. In challenging economic times, this format tests the couples’ money-making ideas and their relationships.”  

The show has been commissioned for Channel 4 as part of the Global Format Fund by Commissioning Editor Clemency Green and Head of Daytime & Features, Jo Street. Double Your Money is made by South Shore with Caroline Davies, Rosie Franks, Melanie Leach and Andrew MacKenzie as Executive Producers.