Channel 4 to question the penis taboo with new commission from Burning Bright

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Channel 4 is to take a provocative look at twenty-first century masculinity in all its forms. A specialist factual commission, this 1x60 film sees men talk openly about their penises and how it feels to be a man as artist Ajamu makes portraits of some of them, inspired by their experiences – from the pleasures of sex life to stories of infertility and sexual abuse, homophobia and mental health.

Ajamu is a British artist and fine art photographer whose radical, pioneering portraits of the male body have pushed boundaries and provoked cultural debate. This film from Burning Bright Productions will see Ajamu make a series of intimate photographic portraits of men, encouraging his subjects to rethink the way they see their bodies and themselves.

Together Ajamu and his subjects question the taboo that still surround the penis, the rigid definitions of masculinity and call for change: to let men be whoever they need to be.

Susanne Curran, Executive Producer, said: “It’s been exhilarating working with Ajamu and a brilliant cast of courageous and honest men, prepared to share their most formative and intimate experiences – so often not heard.  And to capture their shared desire to change how men are defined.“  

Shaminder Nahal, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, said: “In this funny and moving film, the penis becomes a gateway through which to explore all sorts  of aspects of masculinity. The men taking part deal with everything from sex to violence, fear and love, masturbation and ejaculation. While we get to see a range of penises and erections – we also see the men explore deep, often hidden, feelings in their photography sessions – and start a conversation about our bodies and ourselves.“


About Ajamu

BIOG: Ajamu is a London based artist whose work has been shown in galleries, museums and alternative spaces nationally and internationally. The work challenges understanding of sexualities, gender and identity within contemporary Britain. In 2019 his work appeared in the critically acclaimed Hayward Gallery’s Kiss My Genders group exhibition celebrating more than 30 international artists whose work explores and engages with gender identity and GET UP, STAND UP NOW: GENERATIONS OF BLACK CREATIVE PIONEERS - a major exhibition celebrating the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain at Somerset House, London

About Burning Bright Productions

Established in November 2011 Burning Bright Productions is an independent production company focusing on talent-led programming across Factual, Factual Ents and Specialist Factual.