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Channel 4 orders up more Double Your House for Half the Money

Category: News Release

Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House for Half the Money has been commissioned for a third time. This must-watch series is packed with inspiring tips and loads of valuable information. 

Sarah shows how to totally transform and dramatically increase the size of a home without breaking the bank and proves it is possible to create a dream property out of a much less exciting house. This aspirational show proves that when it comes to houses almost anything is possible. 

She’ll give sound practical advice when over ambitious plans stretch unrealistic budgets.  Sarah will also use the latest tablet technology – an augmented reality app that highlights flawed layout ideas and incongruous design decisions. 

Gill Wilson, Head of Features said: “The show is a brilliantly entertaining and informative look at what Brits are doing with their homes now, and we are delighted to have Sarah’s unparalleled expertise on the channel.”

The 10 x 60 series was commissioned by Gill Wilson, Head of Features and will be made by Red House, a Zodiak Media Company. John Silver and Kurt Seywald are Executive Producers and Hamish Summers Series Producer. 

The second series is due to TX in mid-August.