Channel 4 gets exclusive behind the scenes access to viral online property competitions in My £2 Dream Home

Category: News Release

All around Britain, people are entering online contests in the hope of winning the prize of a lifetime: an entire property. Channel 4 has commissioned a one-off documentary following a group of brothers who have risen to national attention for their property giveaways.

Three brothers from South London – Daniel, Jason and Will Twenefour – are giving people the chance to win a home with a £2 per entry property competitions. Their project began in 2020 with Daniel’s own three-bedroom house in Mitcham, South London. The giveaway went viral on social media, stirred headlines in the national press and received over 200,000 entries. Since then, the brothers have been running further contests, gathering loyal interest online from many aiming to get on the property ladder – particularly young, ethnic minority and working-class hopefuls. This documentary will go behind the scenes on how the brothers search for the perfect properties, what they do to attract interest on social media and find out what happens next to the winners.

Describing the motivation behind his and his brothers’ project, Daniel Twenefour says: “Having a roof over your head shouldn’t be such an out of reach target. It should be easily accessible for everyone. For a lot of people, it's the number one goal in their life but with such high barriers to entry you’re unlikely to own a home until much later on in life. It has never been more difficult for both the old and young; To bridge the gap in making this dream become a reality for many, we’ve come up an unconventional way to help people get onto the property ladder. Our goal is to help as many people as we possibly can in changing their story to become homeowners.”

My £2 Dream Home is commissioned for Channel 4 by Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Features, and Jo Street, Head of Daytime & Features. The programme is produced by Brighton-based production company Lambent Productions with executive producer Ollie Tait.

Channel 4’s Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Features, comments: “Getting on the property ladder is a dream for many in Britain, but one that comes with unequal odds for different parts of the population. These three brothers are boldly taking matters into their own hands, to literally balance the odds and, in the process, bring the dream closer to their community and those who feel the system is stacked against them. I’m delighted they decided to share their story with Lambent and Channel 4 viewers.”

Executive Producer Ollie Tait, Managing Director of Lambent Productions, adds: “The brothers are genuinely passionate about disrupting the property market and It was an extraordinary experience to be let into their lives as they juggled full-time jobs with the hard graft of making the business work. Dan, Will and Jason think big and for them this is all about levelling the playing field so that people in the community around them can get onto the property ladder.”

My £2 Dream House will air Thursday 7 April on Channel 4 and All 4.