Channel 4 commissions Dropped, a new digital comedy series framing the UK rap scene

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Rap mockumentary series, Dropped, is the latest flex to land on Channel 4’s YouTube strand - 4 Comedy, a platform tailored to providing younger audiences with their daily dose of funny. Produced by Mother’s Best Child, Dropped follows East London rap collective ATM as they struggle to stay current in a savage music industry.

After making serious waves in 2016 with their grime banger, Man Be Flexin’, Shella (Iain Gordon) and XEN1 (Ren Boateng) are plummeting fast, following a series of bad record deals and a few cheap hits. Now in 2023, ATM must fight to protect their legacy and keep up with the latest trends, which is tricky when your bank balance has lost a couple of zeros. Championed by their trusty fixer Plugz (Priscilla Fagbemi) and filmed by Cameraman, Jackz (Ameziane Aissaoui), the five-part comedy ‘documentary’ intended to reel off ATM’s accolades, instead reveals a string of embarrassing scenarios the boys find themselves in. In a world where flex is king, ATM are skint, and it’s normally up to their long-suffering manager Clara (Lola Jagun) to bail them out. The series taps into universal themes of ambition, greed, ego, unfulfilled potential and unpaid hire purchase bills.

The authenticity of Dropped transcends from the rap world into everyday life, based on inexplicable stories from the industry, informed by legendary DJ and music producer, Rude Kid and Dropped writer, Justin Smith Uzomba, formerly known as rapper, Mikill Pane. The series also features cameos from Zeze Millz, Man Like Haks, Kae Kurd, and Victor Kunda, with a soundtrack produced by Rude Kid himself.

Charlie Hyland, Commissioner says: “Channel 4’s digital content is defined by its ability to play with form, encapsulate youth culture and showcase a calibre of new and upcoming talent. ‘Dropped’ embodies all of that and more, blending an utterly original mix of UK rap culture, humour and authenticity, fuelled by invaluable friendships.”

Tobi Kyeremateng, Producer says: “Everything about the making of Dropped has been both intentional and authentic - from the amazing creatives and crew having first-hand experience in the music industry and cast members coming from the battle rap scene to the black-owned brands our characters are dressed in. It's a truly unique show to have worked on. I'm excited for everyone to meet ATM and be fully immersed in their world.”

Each episode will be published weekly on Channel 4’s YouTube channel from Wednesday 8th February.

Dropped was created by Mother’s Best Child, written by Guy Davidson, Justin Smith Uzomba and Daniel Clarke, directed by Daniel Bailey and produced by Tobi Kyeremateng. The series was commissioned by Charlie Hyland, Channel 4’s Digital Comedy Commissioning Editor.

Some of the crew for Dropped came from the Black Ticket Project Charity, a bridge organisation creating cultural access points for young Black people in England through creative opportunities and training, and free access to performances, exhibitions and shows.