Channel 4 Announces The Supervet: Safari Special

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Britain’s favourite vet, The Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, steps out of his comfort zone in this South Africa Special, travelling a world away from his specialist referral practice in Surrey to use his thirty years of expertise to help the most majestic and powerful wild animals of South Africa.

Noel, who is at the forefront of innovation in orthopaedics and neurosurgery for small animals in the UK, turns his hand to helping endangered rhinos, and improving the lives of two big cats to make the years they have left a bit easier by performing procedures rarely if ever provided for wild animals before.

The animals he meets are endangered by poaching, or suffering from injuries due to neglect in captivity, or from exploitation in circuses and zoos in war zones, and all are in urgent need of life-transforming treatment.

Noel’s patients – in wildlife reserves, orphanages, and sanctuaries - include a rhino, mauled by hyenas and in need of a new prosthetic limb, and another being fitted with anti-poaching protection; and a tiger and a lion who after a lifetime of suffering may finally be given a life free from pain.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick said: “Having the opportunity to travel to South Africa and spend time with the magnificent animals of the savannah and the wonderful selfless people who dedicate their lives to looking after them - often in very difficult circumstances, including illegal poaching and conflict - was truly life changing. I found the dedication, compassion, and clinical skill of the veterinary professionals I met profoundly inspirational.

“What I experienced was eye opening to the immense challenges and responsibility we have as humankind to step up and look after these incredible animals who are intrinsic to our legacy on planet earth.”

Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Factual Entertainment, said: “It’s a real treat to see Noel in a spectacular new setting and helping very different animals to the ones we're used to coming through the doors of his Surrey practice. The resulting film by Blast is an inspiring look at the dedication and innovation it takes to care for these incredible animals.”

Alex Sutherland, Executive Producer for Blast! Films, said: “We have always been looking for ways to expand the enormously successful Supervet brand, particularly as Noel’s own reputation has reached an increasingly large worldwide audience.  This South Africa Special is the perfect opportunity. We have worked with some amazing local vets and wildlife conservationists who welcomed Noel’s expertise and his ideas for the treatment of wild animals.  Seeing Noel enthused by this collaboration - and adapting his deep love and knowledge of domestic pets to help endangered wild species like rhinos, as well as a tiger and a lion, was awe-inspiring; I hope the film will have a lasting legacy.”

The Supervet: Safari Special airs on Thursday 23 February 2023 at 9:00 pm.

Production Company: Blast! Films


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