The Big Breakfast: Interview with AJ Odudu

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The Big Breakfast is back for a one off special for the Black To Front Project. How does it feel to be presenting the show that kicks it all off?

I absolutely can’t wait to get stuck into The Big Breakfast. It is such an iconic show to be part of and I am buzzing it has finally coming back! I’m so looking forward to working with Mo and I can’t wait to wake up the nation! I’m thrilled to be part of Channel 4’s Black to Front Project – which quite rightly gives a platform to deserving Black British TV talent across our industry, both on and off-screen. It’s going to be really special. 


What can you tell us about what you’ve got planned for the show?

A revival of some of the Big Breakfast classics with the addition of our new fresh take on the show.


What are your memories of The Big Breakfast?

A place for everyone to be loud and silly and fun right before school!


Have you worked with Mo Gilligan before?

No I’ve never worked with him before, but I think we’ll get on really well, I think he’s hilarious so can’t wait to wake up the nation alongside him. It’s going to be really fun! 

Who would be your dream guests?

We’ve got some dreamy guests lined up for you, so just wait and see. I don’t want to spill the beans.


Are you more of a morning person or night owl? How many alarms will you be setting to ensure you get up on time?

The early bird catches the worm! I’m very much a get up and go kind of girl. So just the one alarm for me, never hit snooze!


The Big Breakfast was famous for being anarchic, unpredictable, and comparable to a riotous after-party. Will you and Mo be bringing more of the same?

Of course! More of the same, and then some. We both loved the show growing up so can’t wait to do it justice!


You are joining the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 line up which is hugely exciting. Might we see a few of your moves on The Big Breakfast?

Haha! Maybe. Watch out for me doing the Macarena and the electric slide.


Who were your presenting inspirations growing up and now?

Bruce Forsyth, Zoe Ball, Angelica Bell, and June Sarpong – all of the greats! 


Loads of household name broadcasters got their big break from The Big Breakfast over the years. Have any of the team from the original series got in touch to give you good advice or warm wishes?

Yes! Denise Van Outen who I recently worked with on Cooking With the Stars, she was so happy I was presenting the show, and wants me to just really enjoy it.


Do you get a thrill from doing live TV where anything can happen, or does it make it nervous?

Of course, I always get nervous regardless of whether it’s live or not. However of course there is an additional thrill with it being live, and I love that rush!


You have a real passion – and skill – for interiors as we can see from your home renovation Instagram feed. Might you have any input into the décor of The Big Breakfast House?

OH MY GOD! Imagine if I rocked up to the house with my big orange sofa! I’ve loved making my house feel homely and expressing my personal interior style online but I’m a mere mortal visitor in the BB house. I might even be a really polite guest and take my shoes off upon entrance!


Why did you want to be involved in the Back to Front Project?

I just think we need to keep having open, honest, and encouraging conversations to ensure people are represented across all industries including our TV screens when it comes to diversity. The Black to Front Project is a great way to start that conversation.


Do you feel positive about the legacy that could come from the show?

Like anything in life, nothing is guaranteed but I’m certainly hopeful of the positive change that could come from the Black To Front Project.  


And finally, you are definitely the busiest woman in TV but what can you tell us about your upcoming projects? 

I’m really excited to be hosting my very own chat show, Married at First Sight: Afters which is full of love, celebs, and hot juicy MAFS UK gossip! That kicks off this September on E4 and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Then I’ll be travelling across the UK with my friend Emma Willis on a mission to help deserving families who are desperate to get their businesses back on track. Emma and AJ Get To Work will be coming soon to the W channel. Last but not least, Strictly Come Dancing! Sequins, music, and my dodgy dance moves at the ready. Can’t wait!