Celebrity SAS - Alexandra


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Why did you want to do this show?

I have been a fan of the show for many, many years, and I've always wanted to do it. I've never had the time to do it, unfortunately, because of my schedule. But I got the opportunity because of lockdown and stuff like that, to be able to come and do it, then I got asked to do it. And my goodness, it was probably the best decision I've ever made in my whole entire life, because I wanted to do something for me. Everything I do is always been based on either doing it for my family or doing it for someone else, my fans or whoever. This was the first time where I feel really selfish even just saying it and it doesn't sound like me, it's not me to say that I would just do things for myself, but this is the first time where I said, "I'm going to do this for me. Not for anyone else, it's to make myself proud to see how far I could push myself”. And it's honestly the best decision I ever made.

How would you rate your mental strength going into the course?

If I'm completely honest, I would rate my mental strength quite high. And that's me being very honest and not being big-headed about it either. My mental strength, honestly, comes from a place where I've seen my mum go through so many ups and downs in her life and her career. I've seen her raise four children by herself with the help of my grandfather and my auntie. I've seen and witnessed so much. It’s coming up to four years since losing my mum, there's nothing that prepares you for losing a parent. I think that is where my strength comes from because I don't have an excuse in my eyes to be anything but strong.

Did you feel like you had anything to prove on this course?

No. I only used this course to do something for me. It definitely gave me my self worth and made me realise how much I am worth. It was the most life-changing experience to understand what your worth is and to understand that you have a purpose.

What was it like being with the other celebrities?

Ah, it was just amazing. They picked everyone to perfection. It was just beautiful that we all got along. We all supported one another. We all helped each other out. It was just I can't even begin to tell you because you don't get this in any so-called reality TV show. But I can't call this show reality TV show because it's not, it is far from that. It's more than that. It's unbelievable. But when you bring celebs together, you don't usually get along with everyone. It's not really a thing. You know what I mean? And in this case, it was a thing. Everyone was just incredible. And I would give anything to turn back time.

How did you find having Ant and the other DS screaming at you all the time?

I know what the show's about because I'm a fan. So I know that they're not there to do this deliberately they're doing it because they want to see the best in us, they want to see the best outcome. They truly believe that we are capable enough of doing anything we set our minds to, and they're there to encourage that.

Did you enjoy taking part in the show?

Absolutely. I can't even begin to tell you. I honestly wouldn't trade this experience in for the world. Like that experience is something so special. I would honestly do it all again. And I'm just so pleased I had the opportunity to do it. It's such a blessing for me to have been able to have done that.