4: The Next Episode – Channel 4’s future vision

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4: The Next Episode – Channel 4’s alternative proposal to privatisation.

Today, Alex Mahon, Chief Executive, shared Channel 4’s future plan proposal, 4:The Next Episode, which sets out its vision of what more Channel 4 can be and can do, while continuing to be owned by the British people.

Alex Mahon, said:

“The last two years have transformed the profile of Channel 4’s audience and revenues, and significantly bolstered our net asset and cash position – allowing us to accelerate our strategy and invest in our future.

“There is much to applaud in the Government’s White Paper and they have clearly thought about some of the issues that we collectively face. In fact, we agree with Government on a number of things. The UK broadcasting industry does face immense challenges; that it’s vitally important to do everything we all can to ensure that audiences can continue to enjoy great British content that represents, reflects and celebrates in the incredible diversity of this nation; and that we nurture a successful independent production sector.

"However, the White Paper proposes some significant changes to the Channel 4 model and to its role as a key institution as part of the UK creative industries landscape. We also recognise that standing still in this ever-changing world is not an option. We developed a new vision, 4: The Next Episode, which represents our vision of what more Channel 4 can be and can do, while continuing to be owned by the British people.”

Full details can be found here:

4: The Next Episode - summary brochurehttps://assets-corporate.channel4.com/_flysystem/s3/2022-05/4_The_Next_Episode_Summary%20brochure.pdf

4: The Next Episode – proposal and economic analysis: https://assets-corporate.channel4.com/_flysystem/s3/2022-05/Channel%204%20-%204%20The%20Next%20Episode%20%28May%202022%29.pdf