25 Mar 2012

Zombies storm app download charts

They’re the living dead and they’re out to get us. Channel 4 News discovers a British success story that taps into our fears to try and help us get fit.

Zombies are staggering into the 21st Century with a British-made phone app which has taken the smartphone gaming world by storm.

Funded by individual contributions, Zombies Run has managed to outsell some of the biggest names in the industry.

The game, which helps people get fit by pretending they are being chased by the living dead, has sold almost a hundred thousand downloads just two weeks after its release.

For two weeks this month it was ahead of market leader Nike in the download charts.

Developed by a London games studio Six to Start and an Orange prize winning novelist Naomi Alderman, the Zombies chase users around a park.

As you run a story unfolds around you.

The person playing the game has to run as fast as they can to escape the living dead.

Makers say that users can play it anywhere, once they have downloaded it to their iphone, ipod or Android device.