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24 Mar 2022

Zelenskky calls for global support as Ukranians ‘destroy’ Russian ship

President Biden says NATO leaders are ‘more united’ a month into the war between Russia and Ukraine. There’s been no let up in the fighting, and relentless bombardment by Putin’s Russian forces.

To the south, in Berdyansk, which has been under Russian control since 27 February, the Ukrainains claimed to have destroyed a large Russian landing ship, the Orsk.

South of Kharkiv on a strategically important route south, the town of Izyum has been under heavy shelling, with the Russians claiming to have taken control, although the Ukrainians deny this.

And north of Kyiv, officials in the city of Chernihiv have reportedly started rationing water supplies for the 150,000 people trapped there after the city was cut off by Russian forces.