6 Sep 2014

‘He makes everyone smile’: fans meet YouTuber Alfie Deyes

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

Fans of YouTuber Alfie Deyes were left disappointed after queuing for more than five hours to catch glimpse of their hero.

Thousands of teens gathered in central London on Saturday to meet the celebrity vlogger, who was signing copies of his first book, “The Pointless Book.”

The numbers queuing for the unticketed event took police and organisers by surprise who were forced to send people away because of safety fears. Many were said to be left disappointed.

Mr Deyes – who has 2.6 million subscribers and over 116 million views on YouTube – tweeted: “The police have told me to tell you that if you haven’t got a ticket yet, I’m really sorry but I won’t be able to meet you as the line is closed :( please don’t let things get dangerous guys <3 I want everyone to be safe.”

He later added: “Sooo many people came and if I stayed any longer it would have been unsafe <3 I still signed over 2000 books!!.”

The massive queue however didn’t deter the fans, as Channel 4 News presenter Jackie Long found out: