29 Sep 2021

Youth climate conference debate: what can be achieved at COP26?

That’s what the young climate activists here in Milan want to achieve, but what are the stated goals for November’s COP26 meeting in Glasgow?

Countries are being urged to get to net zero by the middle of the century, including phasing out the use of coal and switching to electric vehicles.

They’re being called on to protect and restore the natural world to help avoid the loss of homes and livelihoods.

Rich countries are being asked to meet a long-standing pledge to help generate £74.5 billion per year to help developing nations fight climate change.

And all of this is supposed to be happening as a joint global effort, especially on finalising controversial sticking points that have been left over from previous UN meetings, like rules for international carbon markets.

We speak to Archie Young, the UK’s lead climate negotiator at the Cabinet Office, who’s in charge of the team who will actually sit at the table in Glasgow, and Ella Simons, from Australia, who’s just turned 15 and is the youngest delegate here in Milan.