10 Sep 2014

Och aye: young Scots say yes to independence

As Cameron, Miliband and Clegg campaign in Scotland, it might be 16-24s they need to fight for: the yes vote has a 14 percentage point lead among young people.

The Yes campaign has narrowed the gap with the No campaign according to two polls this week: the YouGov poll at the weekend had the Yes votes leading by two percentage points, while the TNS poll put the two camps neck and neck with both yes and no camps getting 41 per cent of the vote. The remaining 18 per cent were undecided.

But among young people the Yes vote is ahead by fourteen percentage points, excluding don't knows. That's based on our averages of the YouGov and TNS polls for this week.

On Wednesday night, Channel 4 News will be speaking to 16 and 17-year-olds at Eastwood High School outside Glasgow about their thoughts on the referendum, and what way they'll be voting.