7 Mar 2014

#WT4 happens next in Ukraine?

Chaos in Ukraine – what does it matter to you? Watch the debate with Paul Mason and guests – Marta Mulyak, Kate Maltby and Alexander Nekrassov.

#WT4 happens next in Ukraine?

In a week which saw social media awash with talk of world war three and a new cold war, we put your questions on the Ukraine/Russia crisis to a panel of experts in our new online show #WT4, where you set the agenda.

Culture and Digital Editor Paul Mason was joined by Marta Mulyak, Kate Maltby and Alexander Nekrassov. See the discussion and your questions above.

The world in 2014 seems a different place. Is this a re-run of the 1930s, with the Russian-speaking city of Donetsk about to play the role of the Czech Sudetenland? Or is Putin just playing cat and mouse with a western policy elite whose unity was already shattered by financial crisis and whose populations are clearly sick of war?
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