• Published on 27 Sep 2017 Sections World

    Roy Moore might be a hardline conservative but right wing American politics has a far more extreme fringe, one that’s growing fast. In August there were violent clashes after a “unite the right” march at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, which left one anti fascist protester dead. Far-right leaders who talk of being emboldened…

  • Published on 25 Sep 2017 Sections World

    North Korea has said it regards itself at war with America and threatened to shoot down US airplanes after President Trump’s comments about Kim Jong-un last week. The threat comes on the day President Trump added three more countries to his US travel ban – North Korea, Venezuela and Chad. He’s also started a fight…

  • Published on 24 Sep 2017 Sections Sport

    President Trump has come under more fire at home after he repeated criticism of sports stars who kneeled in protest during the US national anthem. But today more than 20 players from two NFL clubs defied their President by kneeling at a match held at Wembley Stadium.

  • Published on 22 Sep 2017 Sections World

    Kim Jong-un has deployed his considerable rhetorical firepower, with another swipe at Donald Trump. After he called the North Korean dictator a “rocket man on a suicide mission”, Kim Jong-un hit back, labelling the American President a “mentally deranged US dotard”. And it didn’t end there. But China has urged both sides to exercise restraint…

  • Published on 16 Sep 2017 Sections World

    We meet a British couple who live in a small Florida fishing village badly damaged by Hurricane Irma – and travel back with them to find out what’s left of their home.

  • Published on 14 Sep 2017 Sections World

    President Trump has said he’s close to a deal with top Democrats to protect the so-called ‘Dreamers’ – just a week after he pledged to cancel a scheme to protect 800 thousand young undocumented migrants from deportation.

  • Published on 14 Sep 2017 Sections World

    Ministers are looking at ways of using the UK’s £13 billion aid budget to help the British overseas territories in the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Irma. Chief correspondent Alex Thomson visits the Britsh overseas territory of Anguilla and the nearby French St Martin to see the response to Irma’s havoc.

  • Published on 11 Sep 2017 Sections UK, World

    Sir Henry Bellingham, a former minister for Africa, the Caribbean and the overseas territories, and Bermuda Premier David Burt discuss the UK’s response to Hurricane Irma.

  • Published on 11 Sep 2017 Sections World

    We report from Florida after one of the biggest mass evacuations in US history. Hurricane Irma has just about finished with Florida – finally. The monster has weakened to a tropical storm, but not before battering communities with lashing rain, violent wind gusts and storm surges in coastal areas.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections Weather, World

    Liam Dutton looks at how badly Florida will be hit by Hurricane Irma.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections Weather, World

    Blondel Cluff, UK/EU representative for the government of Anguilla, and Conservative MP and government aide, Chris Philp, discuss the UK response to Hurricane Irma.

  • Published on 8 Sep 2017 Sections Weather, World

    It is still one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded. Now Hurricane Irma has turned north towards the United States, leaving devastation across the Caribbean in its wake. Tonight all residents in Florida have been warned they should be prepared to evacuate.

  • Published on 7 Sep 2017 Sections Weather

    The destruction from one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded is still underway. The death toll, from category five Hurricane Irma, currently at 9, is likely to rise. Officials have described the damage as it swept across Caribbean islands as “apocalyptic” and buildings stood little chance as they were trashed by winds that…

  • Published on 31 Aug 2017 Sections World

    Residents near a chemical plant on the edge of Houston had to be evacuated after two explosions sent noxious fumes into the sky.

  • Published on 30 Aug 2017 Sections Politics, World

    Talking is not the answer when it comes to North Korea, Donald Trump warned today, claiming the US had been paying what he called ‘extortion money’ to Pyongyang for years.